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The Desperado Vespa-rado

Updated on August 13, 2013

VOLUPTUOUS vixens on those Vespas,

Going "Vroom-Vroom-Vrooooooooooom!"

Humming LONG into the night,

Down avenues

And boulevards,

Golden-paved and Jesus-saved,

By the final act

In this, which is,

The final play

On words.

WOVEN in amongst the shadows:


Can you hear their humming motors?

Can you hear their motors hum?

Approaching through the stagnant fog?

Approaching o'er the dewy lawns?

Approaching past the Holy Ghost

Revealed at intersections where

Commuters wait for lights to change?

VIRGINS, verily, clammy moist, like

Tit-fed babes at nursing time.

Vanity mirrors verily recant

The mem'ries of old aging queens.

VESPA-Rado? Desperado?

Do you still go:


Or now in old age, just lament:

"If it's true that I must die,

Then let me die with

Peter Murphy ringing in my ears."

INDEED! Indeed!

Vespa-Rado agreed, that

Being bold is simple

When there's no one else around.


© 2013. Three Doves Media, LLC.


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