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The Destination I Seek

Updated on August 8, 2013

The Destination I Seek

Striding farther than the expected unknown

Immersing deeper than the inebriated abyss

Keeping faith in the state of simple blankness

I swim across uncharted seas of emotionlessness

With powerful conundrums of living testimonials

And uninhibited learnings of unlimited souls

Delving into the inner eyes of destiny as stillness

I’m questing to find the much-sought-after nothingness

I am yet to reach any viable destination I seek

Amongst the innumerable flag posts I have mounted

The alchemist within calls and cries out silent inspiration

While the layers above merely scars a hint in expression

The roads travelled, the unknowns explored all coincide

Into one centralized core of blankness within all reach

And cacophonous surroundings do not even live up

The mile posts I’ve crossed, the flag posts I’ve mounted

The countless drops I’ve shed & twigs I’ve planted

Every aspect I have perceived, explored and felt the promise

Pointing possibility, but I’m yet to reach the destination I seek


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