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The Discovery

Updated on September 22, 2016

The Discovery

You don’t deserve these lines. The thoughts which wouldn’t stop. How can you not care? About the friendship that we shared. Each time I look you into eyes, I’m hypnotized. With one smile, I forget all You have made me go through. You are like a poison, an addiction That keeps me high and that I desire.

I might seem tough, but I am not. Even this exact moment I feel how it is, To have your heart broken. After the storm came the silence, But the scent still brings up the bitter taste.

Sometimes I come back and think - what if? What if, I had said something else, What if, I had been more brave And told what I really felt.

What if, I wasn’t ashamed, And realized there was no one to blame, Everything we want Is on the other side of the fear - Where fantasies become real.

Neither you nor me took the action Being afraid to ruin the connection. Say you don’t fancy and stop my miserable confusion And wondering of an unreal conclusion.

Please stop spinning my head In the speed of a windmill. Couse I’m not used to be the one Who puts the cards on the table.

I am the one who breaks the hearts And the one who keeps you waiting. Who flirts with no intentions, Not able to deal with any relations,

Deamn, karma really exists. However I tried and intended To act as if I had said nothing, And there were no more feelings.

But just a slight touch of yours Made me feel it profoundly. You told me to say it, But I was speechless of the sudden request.

You sucked the life out of me With only one breath. I am crazy enough to be silly But you didn’t make me feel free.

Next to you I felt small, Clumsy and insecure. I’d rather be hated for who I am Than loved for being fake.

You are the looser here You are missing out my dear, Loads of laugh and dark night swims Like the one we had that once.

You teared off your clothes, And your eyes had a glow I was standing still, Trying to see the details of your torso.

Right after you, I entered the sea The water was warming me pleasantly. Was it me or the waves That brought us closer?

A contrasting line of shadow Starting from the top of your forehead slid down the neck, Curved around the breast by touching the nipple. Then you disappeared in the shadow.

At the culmination of the scenery I was writing in my imagination. A black silhouette popped out of the darkness, Moving in our direction

Writing these lines doesn’t help me, Doesn’t heal me, neither distracts me. You were the one I wanted to see, And have in every way possible.

All these new emotions made me see The nature in a different perspective. Now I know the life has a lot to offer As long I don’t live in the world of denial.


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