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The Division

Updated on January 1, 2010

The Division

We have been rivals in every corner, there was always a cross boarder tension between us, we never liked them and i know that they don’t like us too. This hostility was not caused by me, it has been here before me and will be after me. Our founding fathers created the division so to me, they worth nothing and i hate them. All i dream of was inflicting injuries to anyone that is from there. This is not racism because we are the same color and even speak similar language.

I love my wife and she meant the world to me, everyone who cares for her is my friend and whoever despises her becomes my enemy so one day she got sick and needed a special medical care which hospitals in our country could not provide, she needed to be flown to Germany for medical attentions, her temperature was high and she was unconscious when wheeled into the aeroplane. The plane stopped in Moscow to pick up passengers but my wife’s condition worsened and there was no way she could make it to Germany in her present state so the airport authority was notified about her,an ambulance was dispatched and she was rushed to a hospital.

“Why the division if this can be real” i asked

I was amazed at the treatment the entire people we met gave my wife, from the airport personnel to the hospital crew, the entire doctors and nurses that battled to save my wife, i ask one more time. Why are we divided? Why did it take me so long to see that my worst enemy was actually my best friend? My wife had multiple organ failures but this team of highly dedicated medical staffs battled tirelessly for six hours to save her, she had two operations within this six hours. We were both treated like Angels even the health minister visited my wife the next day to show his regards.

We spent three weeks in the hospital as she recover, we were suppose to spend twenty thousand euro for her treatment in Germany but we accumulated a bill of thirty five thousand euro in Moscow. She was discharged and the government said “A gift”. Her treatment was a gift to us.

Why are we so divided?
Why the cross boarder tension?
What are we fighting for?
Why do we hate each other?
Why the division?

May God forgive me for all my evil intentions because the people i hated so much, loved me so much and has planted love into my body and soul.
It took me so long but i am glad i found out the truth, the Russians do not hate the Georgians , the whole tension and hostility is political, it is not only in my region, it is in yours too so let us all change this world, let us come together as one.


We can do it because if Saul could change and become Paul then glorified God with the same people he had always persecuted and myself feel truly loved by those people i have hated so much then we can work out something and make this world a better place.Experience they say is the best teacher and i learned from my own experience so i ask,

Why the division?

I love the Russians, i love all of you and i love every mankind so let that philosophy which hold one race superior and the others inferior be eliminated because while seated next to my wife in her hospital bed, i realized that the color of her eyes had no significant to the color of her skin to the Russians so why the division?

There should be no more division.
Because we are the world
Let mankind unite
And make this world better
Let there be oneness

Because the color of her eyes
And the color of her skin
Had no significant to her person

They did it with love and regards
Let the mountain of hatred fall
Eliminate the boarders in the world
Let us all glorify God,Allah,Chineke
Let us do it together


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