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The Dragon King

Updated on July 21, 2017

Images of story locations (not in same order as left list)

Places where the story takes place

True Dragons Country

Where Dragons roam and rule. The land of the Dragon King.

Realm of the Ravens

A dangerous place where The Birds will attack anyone who stops for a rest. A place to get through quickly but carefully as one stumble could mean the end.

Blessed Monks Country

Holy land where the monks live and worship

Grand Northeast Hells Land

A desolate place. A land covered in volcanoes and bubbling lava pools and rivers.

Land of the Lion

The wilds where the lions roam. Careful negotiation of the land is required while traversing this land.

Country of the Illusions

A magical and dangerous land. A place where what you see is not what is real. Where the Sorcerers live.

Jewel State

A land filled with precious stones. A land of riches. The land of the Rulers.

Kingdom of the Many Rainbows

Where the sun always shines but it nearly always rains.

Dying Kingdom

On the edge of hells land. A place where things struggle to grow.

Realm of the Deaths

A place where no one will survive.

The main Characters

The Dragon King looked down as his mount sored over the mountains that separated his world from that of the ground walkers. His tall,slender figure sat proud atop the mighty Dragon as he had for as long as he could remember. His blond hair flapping in the wind.
His first memories were of waking up to see a tall beast who's scales shone with all the colors of the rainbow looking down on him. He had no memory of his life before that time. He knew he was different and that he was more like the ground walkers but he did not know who his parents were or who he really was. All he knew was that the Dragons bowed down to and even worshiped him. It is because of his ability to control the Dragons the ground walkers gave him the title Dragon King.

Kings Castle
Kings Castle

* * * * *

King Barrfind stood at his bedroom window and looked out into the distance. It has been ten years since his youngest boy had been kidnapped on his fifth birthday. Every year since that day the King has stood on this spot looking out across his kingdom. He hoped and prayed his son would come down the path from the woods where he had been playing with his older brother and sister on that fateful day.

* * * * *

Queen Cardea knelt at the alter of the castle chapel and prayed. She prayed for the return of her son and for those who took him, not to be punished but for the Gods to forgive them. She held no grudges against those who took her child away from her, instead she felt pity.

Dragon Lake
Dragon Lake

* * * * *

The Dragon swooped down towards a large body of water. It glided along skimming the surface of the crystal clear water. The Dragon King sat upon its back as the Dragon glided towards a coal black hole at the other end of the lake. Dropping its feet the Dragon hit the ground running and entered the Cave, stopping just inside.

Jumping down from the Dragons back the Dragon King walked over to the cave entrance and looked out over his Lake home.

"You are 15 now master" came a voice that seemed to emanate from inside the Dragon King's head. "It will soon be time for you to go out and find a mate."

"I wish to find my parents if they are still alive."

"They are and they have never stopped hoping you would return to them one day."

"You know where they are yet you have never told me this before?"

"I knew you would want to see them but I needed to finish your training. You are special and we all knew we had to bring out you powers as they will be of great help to you in your future."

"You can see my future to."

"No, but we do know that a man, the right man with the power of the Dragon can unite the world and bring peace. It is your destiny to become King. You are the Son of a King and now you are the Dragon King."

"My father is a King?"

"He is the King of all known lands except ours. He knows of you but does not know that you are his son. It is time to go tell him. I will take you to him now if that is your wish."

"It is"

The Dragon lay down beside his King who mounted him as gracefully as any King would mount a horse. Then they set off from the cave, flying over the lake and towards the Mountains.

They flew over forests and rivers and desert sands until they came into sight of the Kings Castle. The Dragon swooped down low towards a clearing in a wooded area, landing with little effort upon the soft grass. Something stirred in the Dragon King, a memory. A vision of a boy and girl playing with him in this very clearing. He remembered playing hide and seek and then he felt something grab him by his shoulders and drag him into the forest. Then it all goes black and he's back in the present looking at the Dragon.

"Go" the Dragon said "Go and meet your family."


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