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The Dream Sifter by Candice Bundy Book Review

Updated on August 21, 2018
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Lisa Jane is an avid book reader and loves to write reviews on the books she reads.

The Dream Sifter (The Depths of Memory Book 1) by Candice Bundy is considered to be science fiction/fantasy with its world of danger, mystery, horror, and a world ruled by women. This beautifully written book is 578-pages long. It was published on August 14, 2013 by Lusios Publishing Company.

The Author

Candice Bundy lives with her family in Colorad. Her hobbies consist of climbing, gardening, fermenting, wine and mead making. She has worked as a software engineer and in the wine business which she won medals for. She was the Kindle Book Award Nominee for Romance (Semifinalist in 2013 for her book, The Daemon Whisperer).

Other Books Written by Candice

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Candice Bundy takes you into a world that is ruled by women in the aftermath of the plague.

Nightmares. Are they real or just nightmares?

Rai wakes up to find that she has no memory of her life prior two days ago. Who is she? Why can't she remember? She looks down at her hands and notices that she has a blue triple-moon tattoo with no stars. She knows this means she is barren, a failure to her family and Sept. She learns that she miscarried and almost bled to death which is why the Temple declared her barren. She is more upset that she could have died and that she couldn't contribute to the expanding of the colony than she is about being a mother. She doesn't think she would be a good mother, anyways.

When male and females come of a certain age, they are expected to go to the Temple and do their duty for the colony. The females are there longer than the males except if you are barren then you you go home in shame. If you are barren, then you can't get married or own property.

Since Rai can't remember her Sept or life before the Temple, she is placed with the Sept Durmah. She is adopted into the clan. She loves this clan. She settles in with her new family. Her adopted family are merchants and she is helping her new sister when she has nightmares. She starts jotting down her nightmares in a journal hoping to find clues to her past life. Rai finds that she has powers, where did they come from? As she continues trying to find out about her past, her adopted family start to question and doubt her. the fight begins when she learns who she is and why was hidden.

If you don't want to die then you take meds that is given to you by the healers at the Temple. If you see the Guardians coming for you then you know you are infected with the plague. The Guardians are the protectors but will kill anything that is infected. The staff at the Temple are looking for a cure for the plague.

The Temple staff are trying to find a cure for the plague so that no more people die of the plague. One of the infected is immune to the plague. There is hope that this boy is the answer to finding a vaccination for future generations.

This book will grab your attention from the beginning. Even though Rai is the main character, there are many other characters that help with the story. Even though this is a science fiction/fantasy novel, there are also little mysteries to be solved. Who is Rai? Why does she have amnesia and why is she supposed to be dead? Who is tainting the Luna berries, which are the key ingredients in the anti-plague treatments? Why are they tainting the berries?

This book would be great for readers who love to read science fiction, fantasy, novels about colonizatio, galactic empires, and visionary novels.

5 stars for Dream Sifter

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