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The Dreamer's Dream: Space Marine

Updated on March 27, 2014

The Space Marine

Start of Dream

We were scouting our way through an unfamiliar solar system when suddenly several of our one-manned fighter class ships lost propulsion. As a result it was forced into the gravitational pull of a nearby planet. Several of us broke formation and attempted to rescue them via tractor beam, but with no affect.

We were all hurled into the planet's atmosphere, my ship spinning out of control. I looked out my viewing window, hearing the mayday hails of several fellow space marines. During the descent I was knocked unconscious somehow.

The next thing I knew I was walking out of my wrecked ship with only minor injuries. Much of surviving group of my squadron were already up and about. They were all arguing, first about what should be priority then who should take command.

Most of us had been space marines for a couple decades. We always had a command structure, until now. Not having a ranking officer and a strong command structure left some of us confused and lost. The arguing began to make a turn for the ugly and I decided to leave. I knew we needed to find shelter, being a strange planet with no knowledge of its weather patterns or what kind of life may exist. I also knew we needed food; based on the wreckage I had doubts on how many rations were left.

As I moved over the top of a hill I noticed something unmistakable off in the distance. A large crumbling barn-esque structure. I moved for it with haste and found it completely vacant. I then moved out into a large fenced in area. Despite the aging of the barn and surrounding fence some nearby crops were still springing up. However, I was stopped before I could investigate.

One of the space marines had followed after me. He was riding a terrestrial all-terrain plasma cycle and he began to shout, "Hey, no leaving the group!"

"I'm not leaving, just trying to find shelter while everyone else argued!" I shouted back.

This particular marine and I had butted heads in the past and I knew he was not about to let this go. He was right though, no one leaves the group. However, it did not apply to exploring. Which was what I was doing. I had no plans of abandonment.

"Too late!" He yelled while dropping his visor, "I'm taking you in!"

"Don't be stupid!" I yelled back, knowing he would be just that.

He revved up his plasma cycle and charged full on at me and I simply stood my ground. This was not my first time facing down someone on a vehicle and I was fully equipped to defend myself. Perhaps even more so than other marines.

His plasma cycle neared and I side-stepped it, letting the first wheel start to pass me up. I reached back my hand and grabbed the handle causing the bike to do a ninety right behind me. In pure reaction I brought my left hand over onto his shoulder and leveraged my right hand onto his underarm and hoisted him off the bike. In one clean move I altered his momentum and swung him over my head and slammed him into the ground, leaving a small plume of dust.

The plasma cycle went spinning out of control, doing multiple flips before coming to a stop. Without another second's time I took off in a dead run down an old trail. The trail led to a crackled and dirt covered paved road. The road appeared to head toward a small town and even from this distance the town looked I could tell it was abandoned.

I jogged for the town until I came into range of the first building. It was so strange. The town looked old and run down and yet kept up. It was obvious that something happened to this area of the planet that left it desolate. However, I could not be sure of what it was. I noticed what appeared to be an old station for refilling vehicles and something peculiar was within.

Food had been left out on a counter with a drink and both were fresh looking. I decided I needed to investigate. I moved into the building. Clearly, someone was not only living here, but collecting and scavenging everything they could find.

"Perhaps a stranded alien." I said just above a whisper.

Moving into the back room, I noticed several tools, ropes, ladders and a large stone and metal-belted worktable. The floor was completely dirt, and yet something solid was beneath the earthen floor.

Suddenly a voice broke the silence, "Help! Somebody there?!"

"Yes. Where are you?" I responded.

"I'm down here in the basement." He answered.

I turned to see a small shaft just big enough for me to fit down. I leaned over the opening and peered into utter darkness.

"Please hurry, I'm bleeding out!" He pleaded.

"What happened?" I asked while looking around for helpful supplies.

"I slipped coming down and landed on a sharp object that stabbed my side." He said; I could hear the desperation in his voice.

"Hang in there, I'm coming!" I yelled down the hole.

I grabbed the rope and ladder and leaned the ladder over the hole and braced its feet. Doing so would keep it from moving. I tied the rope to one of the rungs and tugged on it hard to ensure it was secure. Then I searched around for a light source and found some archaic flashlight. Once I made sure it worked I shuffled around for a defensive weapon; since I had no way of knowing if he was telling the truth.

After pocketing a knife I wrapped the rope around my waist, pulled the knife back out and aimed the flashlight down the hole. I was startled to find myself peering into the eyes of a bearded alien. He was clanging onto one of the steps, blood dripping from his hands. I must have startled him as well cause he slipped and fell down several steps.

I did not waste any time and I shone the light back down the hole. He was no longer within view. I dropped down the hole utilizing the steps while keeping the rope tight. The alien laid in the middle of the floor, bleeding heavily. I shone the light about, but there was very few notable features and I dropped to the alien's side.

I untied the rope from my waist and tied it about his waist, then his shoulders and made the final knot on his back. This way he would be hoisted vertically through the hole. I climbed the ladder out of the hole and when I reached the top I pulled the wounded alien through the hole, putting him on the table.

I wrapped his wounds taking care to keep his wounds free from dirt and maintain a good bit of pressure. After which the alien thanked me and climbed down from the table. He was surprisingly robust and tall.

End of Dream: Unfortunately the dream did not continue beyond that point.

Dream Aftermath

Not much to speculate about. I love space faring dreams, and this one was no exception. Piloting through space for the few minutes I did was exhilarating. The crash into the atmosphere was heart-pounding (naturally) and the small fight with the other marine on the space-aged motorcycle was fascinating. My reflexes were amped up and yet I felt like I was hardly putting forth effort. Then aiding the alien without any recoil to him being different, was very refreshing to me in a world (real world) where we constantly recognize how different other people groups are from each other, despite that we are all equally human.

In truth, the part where the alien called me from the basement happened three times. The first time I was on my own, and I went down with no equipment because the basement was lit up. The second time I went down it was pitch black, and the marine I had a scuff with put aside his indifference with me to help the alien. The third time I took the supplies, weapon, the other marine was there and I found the alien in the pitch-black drop into the basement. I thought combining some elements and leaving some out would make a better and more cohesive story than retelling the same story three different ways.

Other Works

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