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Abuse Is My Game

Updated on July 27, 2016

Get Out, Run for Your LIfe, Get Help!


On the Edge of Darkness where I live, everything to have and nothing to give.

All I have suffered is buried inside, where I let it grow and fester to hide, that I am prideful and stubborn you see; never seek help that could set me free.

I argue, I hate, and I cause pain; some say, I may be a little insane.

A master of manipulation I have become, power over others so my will be done!

My greatest skill are the lies I tell, they help me keep you in my spell.

Fear is my tool to make you believe that you will never have the courage to leave.

The more pain I give, the weaker you become, dragging you down until ______________________!

You, the abused, have the power to finish the sentence above in a positive way. Fill in the blank for the outcome you want for yourself. For example: I escape and seek help and gain my strength again.


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