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The Embodiment Of Seasons

Updated on February 11, 2017

Seasons all set to go .

This poem is about Seasonal Magnificence Displayed as each individual can see mother nature's seasonal ways on parade.

The evolution of wears of magnificence alliances of ways.

The intriguing dictation of what was what is and what shall be.

Time pass in time's way as one by one each season display and evolved.

Going after the other and they never get lost.

The magnitude the essence the description of ways.

The time clock works with the alignment of seasonal ways.

Summer of supremacy with beautiful wares of nature that all eyes will see.

A magnificent sight as everything is placed just right for thee.

Bright colors so pretty the eyes will see.

Red, white,yellow,orange, blue and hues of green.

The smell of freshness is in the air.

That embodies all to grow up as each picture piece of elegance make all aware.

A Spring's freshness will show up all around.

From little seedling that played dormant in the ground .

Flower seedlings that pushed to get through.

Out of the earth when wet by the rain's dew.

To show their pretty flower heads.

From out of the seedlings that rooted in the murky hard rock of earth's bed.

To display mother's nature beautiful works of art.

And with a showing of heads seeing these beautiful flowers you always know that it's spring floral spark.

Winter is so cold.

As one shivers at the fall of the white snow.

A lucent wonder of art.

Pretty ice crystal fall from the sky and then snowing will start.

Tender white gems will continue to fall from the sky.

Until time sends another season and to winter we will say Bye!

As another season will start and winter will exit and depart.

Falling down some leaves seems to go.

Blowing off the tress some flying high and some low.

To layer the ground with pretty fallen leaves of art.

That makes a leafy bed for the birth of the next seasonal seedlings to blossom and take part.

As in they own way, each season to individuals play a special part.


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