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The Emotional Waterfall- a poem

Updated on July 29, 2013
Copyright- Nick Wolf
Copyright- Nick Wolf

The Emotional Waterfall

These overwhelming flood of tears wash down my face

These tears are like an emotional waterfall

An emotional waterfall of discontentment and confusion

I'm distraught

Will releasing these tears help?

Will they release the emotional stress that lies within my soul?

Or would I be better off holding them in?

Does releasing this waterfall change anything?

Would I be stronger holding it in?

Or would I just become weaker?

I'm distraught with this emotional waterfall pouring down my face

I release the tears

But they return the next day

It's as if this waterfall is a flow of never-ending tears

I believe that letting these tears flow do release some of my emotional pain

But yet, I'm still at unease

Sometimes it's a quick downpour

But other times it's a continual, long flow

I've been strong for along time

But sometimes I can't stand it

This waterfall is teaching me to let go

These tears are teaching me that it's better to let the pain out

It's better to let it out, than let it reside within

This waterfall may pour out, as if I'm weak

But I know that's not true

If I was weak, I wouldn't be alive

If I was weak, I would've quit

I would've thrown in the towel

I would've given up completely

I know this constant waterfall of emotions have a purpose

I don't see it

But my sovereign God does

There's a season and a purpose for every matter under Heaven

I don't understand

But my sovereign God does

I'm confused

I'm discontent

I question

But I know my sovereign God makes everything beautiful in its time

My sovereign God is allowing this waterfall to have it's toll on my overwhelmed soul

But I know it will flow and overwhelm

For my good and my sovereign, Heavenly Father's glory

-Nick Wolf 4/23/2013


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    • RoseAsauresRex profile image

      Rose Maun 3 years ago from the sunny state of California

      That was very beautiful. Your poems remind me of the psalmist. When he cries out to God or when he trusts God to hold his feelings but the end of almost every psalm ends with the psalmist in someway giving thanks or acknowledging Gods wisdom. Very well done. It seems like your poems are more than poems but also pieces of you im not sure if that is true but regardless thank you for sharing this piece with us. Its hard and sometimes can seem like its only getting harder but there is a light at the end of the struggle. There are so many people out there that can empathize and relate with you. We have at some point or another felt as if we are drowning in our tears and in our sadness. Lucky for us hope is an anchor for our souls. Thank you so much once again for such a lovely poem.

    • nwolf93 profile image

      Nicholas Wolf 4 years ago from Dana Point, California

      Thank you for the feedback Mhatter99 . I appreciate it! :)

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 4 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for this reflection.