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The End: The Rancher

Updated on September 18, 2011

It was said that man kinds own destructive tendencies would eventually no longer contain themselves and the world would end. I didn’t believe that, I believed it was our collective indifference that would be our end. Or so I read once.

Saturday has come around again, I woke up from a pleasant dream, I put on some pants to brace myself against the encroaching cold of the winterish fall. I walked outside, sun still sleeping under its dark cover. Saturday was a day like any day, I went out to take care of the animals, first had to get the chicken feed out and…

It hit, like a wave of red, a fiery wall just swept over me, my house, my fields, my animals. I became airborne as the air tore my flesh like razors, and the heat burnt me. My screams if I made them were masked by the deafening roar of the wall. Then the world fell silent, and I was slammed back to the Earth from which I was lifted.

Woke up, can’t tell the time, hurt, all over. The burns, they sting, so badly they sting. My hands, sore, all over, there is nothing but pain, various degrees of pain. Need, need to see if anyone is okay, need to check the animals. The barn, it burns, the garage it burns, just hollow shells have eaten away and they burn. I burn it hurts.

Family, need to check on my family, where is the sun, just dark grey clouds over head, no grass anywhere, trees burnt to a crisp. All there is, is a silent wind whistling. I can’t stop coughing and vomiting. Lots of blood.. It, it hurts to breath. Each breath, each one is taking more of my life, I can feel it. Where did the refreshing country air go?

Some of my cloths have burnt into my skin. It hurts owe god does it hurt but my family, I have to check on them, please, please if let them be okay, but if they are not, let them be dead. Not like me. Please not like me.

The house is leveled. It’s just gone. I wish I was gone. Please say they didn’t suffer. I, don’t know what to do. Everything is gone or burning, the air it stings, my skin feels painful. I think I’m covered in blisters, can’t tell skin is burnt. I need to figure out what to do.

It has been a few hours. Hair has fallen out, keep vomiting, town is gone, roads are gone. People are ash or salt but all gone. I think there might be life further north. Saw footprints in the ash, ash covers everything. To dizzy to follow, just tired and weak. Just so tired. Not hungry, can’t stomach anything, puked everything up. I don’t think I’ll wake up next time. I don’t think, can’t think getting hazy. Want to see green outside dreams. Inside city hall, what was city hall, think I’ll go to sleep. Feels like I can hear my family, so tired. Good Night, maybe bye…

The End.


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