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This Enigma Called Life (Poem)

Updated on January 30, 2017

Life is like a puzzle, without all the pieces it is incomplete,

Life in Christ is not the puzzle, He is the solution we all diligently seek and need,

He is the light that is guiding us towards our holistic completion,

What a massive puzzle life is, it constantly needs resolutions, and answers that instantly solve our dilemmas,

Mysterious, yet revealing truth granting us experiential reality,

The Logos and Rhema are the dynamic duos,

Jesus Christ is every piece of this enigma,

He is the I am, which each piece demands,

Every blank space He fills with grace and mercy,

His sovereignty and peace are solaces in this massive probe,

Our correct placement of Him in our lives will secure our future and destiny, and give us wisdom in solving this puzzle, we call life.

Jesus is the solution to life’s puzzle and enigma!

The Word of God gives us the counsels we need to solve this great and mysterious challenge,

The Spirit of God reveals all the pieces, and where each puzzle piece should be placed,

Each piece shows us the divine law and order, of the understanding we need to solve life’s puzzle,

We all hold different pieces that belong to the same puzzle we call life, but

Jesus Christ is the solution to them all.


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