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The Eternal Survivor

Updated on June 27, 2014

The Eternal Survivor

The game of life, I initiated with joys sans a twitch

I played fair and square, though with complaints aplenty

I succeeded, then struggled, and struggled some more

I gave up but then picked up again and went head-on

I came to a junction where I knew only surviving

I still strived and thrived and then survival challenged

I fought, I sought for more meaning and harmony

I gave up again, while still struggling to survive, which I did

I got unhappy, I got frustrated, and I craved for death’s doors

Alas, I struggled to even get close to those charmed doors

I couldn’t give up anymore, I have to and will somehow survive

Any storm to withstand, and earthquake to leap over, I will

I will though romance death, I will love death and I do crave so

But I will survive, even in Death, for I am The Eternal Survivor


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