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The Explosion - a poem

Updated on August 1, 2013
Copyright-Nick Wolf
Copyright-Nick Wolf

'The Explosion'

It feels as if a cannon explodes within my chest,

When the memories flood through my mind

I thought I was fine

I thought I moved on

But the brokenness;

The remembrance of how it was,

To how it is now;

Brings this painful explosion of heartbreak in my chest

Life aims and life fires

Firing its missiles of brokenness at me

Causing me to fall to the ground

Smashing my face into the dirt

When I regain my strength,

I get back up

I begin walking,

With my head held high

I walk with the optimistic hope that I have found

But, I then begin to hear the cannon approach

I ignore it and keep walking forward

But, I hear the cannon load

I hear the lighted fuse

Then "Boom!"

The impact of the explosive missiles hit me, yet again

I fall down to the ground, yet again

Face to the ground, once again

Dirt in my lungs, once again

But, there must be a purpose for these explosions of pain

Life aims and life fires

It hurts, but I know I'll one day be fine

-Nick Wolf 7/3/2013


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