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The Falling in Fall

Updated on November 11, 2011

The Falling

The Fall of falling leaves leaves me falling down the fall

And I’m flailing like there’s nothing remaining at all

I cry out loud to be lent a hand yet I doubt my call

‘tis because of my bearing that I’m standing at this stall

Then should I be obliging or wait for time to crawl

Back to my glory or unearth better pastures up the knoll

I’m more bemused every hour and this ain’t my ball

With which I’ve been playing, alas having a brawl

Between the selves of mine who can only gall

At the hunch of a sparkle well afar from my doll

Do I live and stabilize, or do I pursue hope and trawl

For a plausibility within this infinite echoing hall

Wondering if there’s wondrous light waiting to befall

Peeking through some blessing in a mighty enthrall

While I ponder and cogitate the storm within in loll

Persisting to fall down the fall like falling leaves in Fall


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