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The Father's Lament

Updated on February 28, 2014

It makes me sad to tell you, that sometimes my children stray

I have never left you, child, you have not lost your way.

I was there, when you ran after the “fun” some living brings…

Soon, dear child, you realized that I wasn’t in those things.

I was there, when you abandoned the love I’ve always shown

When your “friends” did not stay with you, and you felt very much alone.

I was there, my child, and watched you, as you cried yourself to sleep.

I longed to soothe your sorrow, and help you not to weep.

Silently, I waited, because you had to come to me…

Not one second did I leave you; you simply could not see.

You see, dear child, you’re chosen. And your life has a new goal.

It is not for worldly pleasures, it is for your very soul.

Seek ye first, the Kingdom…and accept forgiving grace

And the joy, and love you long for, will all fall into place.

Your spirit, soul, and happiness mean everything to me.

By my life, you’ve been forgiven. Is that so hard to see?

From the moment you accepted me, you’ve never been alone

Redeemed, so one day you will stand before my Father’s throne

And when the warrior’s prayers are prayed, and the angel’s songs are sung,

He will look on you, and gently smile, and say “my child, well done”

You see, it’s not the little failures, or the times you trip and fall

The times you sin, and fall quite short… no, it isn’t those at all…

But that you never quit believing. And that you came back to the race…

That your heart is truly thankful, for His amazing grace…

Child, it’s that you’re family… and just so that you know,

Not one second have I left you, no, I’ll never let you go.


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    • lissamasters profile image

      Melissa S Masters 3 years ago from Massachussetts

      Thank you, Ednilem!

    • Ednilem profile image

      Melinde Guadalupe 3 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for this lovely poetry... I felt like I was never alone...hope you are doing great and fine everyday...