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The Fifth Golden Heart Award~ Presented To Rolly A Chabot

Updated on September 5, 2014  Golden Heart Award Golden Heart Award
Copyright Rolly Chabot
Copyright Rolly Chabot

Rolly was born and raised in Alberta Canada, but has travelled to the far reaches of the North. He has lived in the Yukon among the snow and ice, where he has had so many adventures it seems like he has lived the dream, or at least the film!

Alone, with only his dog Tannis, his adventures seem a world away from my life here in England. He says that the time that he spent in the wilds were so peaceful. And the solitude was something that by only being surrounded by the beauty of nature made him feel closer to God.

Since his retirement, Rolly has written an amazing 13 books, the first seven being called Quiet Reflections. These are an autobiography of his time in the wilderness of the North. The next six books are Christian-Fiction. As he quotes ' They are a total escape in fiction format, yet cover life's experience'.

Rolly's Famous Fireside Photo

Copyright Rolly Chabot
Copyright Rolly Chabot
She looks so sweet and innocent! copyright rolly chabot
She looks so sweet and innocent! copyright rolly chabot

Rolly Chabot @ Amazon

How I Got To Know Rolly

I was browsing the hubpage profiles one day and came across a photo of a smiling serene looking man. So out of curiosity I clicked onto his hubs and found myself sinking into a calm and welcoming page.

Rolly always starts by inviting us to join him at the fireside. Along with a warm glowing photo of a fireplace. He then offers you a cup of coffee and a cookie or cake. Well me being me, how could I refuse? Can't get better than that!

He disappeared for a while and I missed his funny humor, along with the most famous dog in hubland, Quigley! Such a cuddly little bundle with an innocent face which I am sure is a great cover up for all sorts of trouble! lol!

The one thing that I noticed about Rolly's hubs was the fact that he can draw you into his world. Many a time I have sat here in my front room reading about his adventures out in the wilderness, and getting so involved my cup of tea has got cold as I read how he survived the cold winters, and all the experiences he had in the cabin amid the snow, ice and mountains.

One of these days I am going to buy the books and just sit and read the lot in one sitting. The stories are so fascinating, and I admit to feeling a little bit jealous of all the amazing things he has seen and done.

Rolly writes on many subjects, from everyday things to heartwarming stories. Each one has a message. Whether it be to love your family and friends, or even make us stop and think about what we have done for someone. Whatever the content it makes us stand back and look at how we view ourselves and the world. And that takes a special person to do that.

I always kept his stories to read as the last hub of the day. They relaxed me, and made me feel peaceful. And that's the effect that our Rolly has.

So this is my tribute to a lovely guy and a great writer.

Here's to you Rolly, and I hand over The Golden Heart Award to you with thanks.

The Golden Heart Awards

The Golden Heart Awards was started by our very own Blondey, and I was honored to be the fourth in line. Jackie Lynnley one of my first friends on Hubpages wrote an amazing piece about me that totally choked me up! lol!

So I am passing this on to our lovely Rolly. Hope he likes it.

Please read the other amazing hubs below, they are wonderfully written and tell all about our other amazing hubbers. Thanks!


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