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The Fight

Updated on February 20, 2021

 I caught you in my sight
you gave off a soft glowing light
even after we had a fight
did you shed a single tear
when blame was so near
and guilt was your only fear
I found myself on my own
cold, broken and alone
a feeling well known
these sweet sensations
impose on my temptations
sending guilty infiltrations
that surround my satisfactions
waking up my reactions
with raw actions
hour after hour
you try to devour
my love turning it sour
time to trouble shoot
restart, reboot
infect and pollute
like a taste so true
when I drink away the memories of you
in a poisoned brew
pose your labels upon me
paint me black and white and green
erasing my identity
so give me another name
we'll play your little guessing game
and set these emotions aflame
take on the burdens weight
and change your doomed fate
screaming out checkmate!
become a trigger happy friend
load the empty gun again
dripping with your sin
stick it in your mouth
spit it out
violate this doubt
blacken these eyes of mine
with a faint shadow line
a coverup painted design
so I can no longer see
your light reflecing off of me
a sign of dark alchemy
turn the lights out
let the chaos shout
with ambient force
blending this noisy source
and let it grow in your mind
forming its roots inside
and walk to the edge
on the other side of the ledge
and fall into another world
one where there is no hold
or weight on your paranoia
taking away your personal dilemma
and finally strive closer to normality
a selfless act of beauty
without eating the forbidden fruit
pretend to despise the truth
watch the morning rise
revealing the hidden eyes
take a ride
to the other side
find a hole
and take control
don't be surprised if you find me laughing
when you thought I was bluffing
these hypnotic dreams
will burn away your innocence in streams
so take your vengeance
and lash back at your convenience
feel the pressure mount
and it feels so good to count
the few minutes it will last
until you fall back down fast
and it kills your pride
so can we take that ride
and daydream with blushing cheeks
hearts skipping beats
recovering bed scenes
and all those little things
trembling to bits
letting go the panicked fits
and say goodnight
forgetting we ever had a fight


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