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The Fight poetry by Ashley Pentycofe

Updated on July 29, 2012
2010 | Source

The Fight

A river runs with force like life

The force hits me, a slap in the face

The river continues to run despite the change

I fight to walk up stream

Trying to go back, back to when you were there

When you held our hands

But the current takes hold

Refusing to grant me access into the past

It shoves me violently forward

Causing me to fall

My head is under water, my lungs fill

I can’t catch my breath, my energy is spent

I give in as the last bit of hope of returning to my past is sucked out of me

I let you go, accepting the void in my life

According to some you’re off to a better place, but where is the proof?

A weight is lifted, I feel lighter some how

I stop struggling and give in to the flow of life

Floating with the current, thinking of happy times

Ashley Pentycofe 7/16/2012


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