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The First ..Chapter 7

Updated on May 11, 2012
college girls
college girls

The Story of Cassandra

Michael strolled slowly across the college campus, just looking at all the women walking by. There was sense of wonderment to his gaze. He saw all the different young women that he had to choose from. So many choices, a virtual cornicopia of beauty. Many of them turned to smile and gaze at his handsome features, his strong broad shoulders, his style and class. Some openly smiled at him and said hi, trying to get his attention. Michael was bored searching for the next young woman to add to his family. He now had his Adriana, his first, but now he had to start putting together the rest of his family.

That's why he was here, he thought, I must focus, I must find the next one, the right one who will fit in with my Lovely Adriana. Michael found a bench under a large tree and sat down, constantly looking around. His senses were so acute right now, he could almost hear every thought from the women that were walking by. Michael laid back and stretched his arms and closed his eyes. Suddenly, he thought of his Lovely Penelope, her long black hair, her beautiful face, her sweet voice. Although she was always on his mind, he had a different feeling this time, it was like a giant alarm was going off in his head.

"Hello, do you mind if I sit here ?" were the words that startled Michael from his thoughts. He looked up and was shocked at the vision that was in front of his eyes. He could not speak at first, all he could do stare. Now he understood why his senses were going off, his face brightened all of a sudden at the woman standing in front of him. "I'm sorry if i woke you up" she said. "Are you okay?". "Yes, please sit down, I was starting to doze off " he said as he moved over to give her plenty of room. She was beautiful, her long black hair, her grayish blue eyes were captivating, her face it was a vision of loveliness, her skin was so smooth and creamy. But the finest feature was that she was the exact image of his soulmate, Penelope.

Yes.... Michael had found his beloved, this was meant to happen, this was meant to be, thats why Michael was drawn to this college, to this bench, to this spot. He was starting to understand that his destiny was guiding him where he was supposed to be.

"My name is Cassandra", she said. "I didn't mean to wake you, I'm so sorry" she said. she sat down next to Michael. He tried to relax but still was shook up from this apparition in front of his eyes. His past was streaming into his mind so quickly, Michael wanted to take her into his arms, to just hold her for a moment, to trace the lovely features of her face, to kiss her sweet lips. here she was so close to him, it took all of his strength to hold himself back. His emotions were soaring. his senses were burning with his fiery passion. Michael's senses were out of control, he realized he must tread carefully, he did not want to move to fast and scare her, his human emotions were tearing at his mind. Michael knew that he must get away from from her before he did something stupid, he had to get his emotions under control. "I was just leaving" he said, as he stood up and turned away from her. "You don't have to leave on my account " Cassandra said. Michael barely glanced back, for if he had stayed to long he would not be able to control himself. "No problem," Michael said as he walked away.

This small moment took all the strength he could muster, he had to be rude to her, because he had a bigger plan in his mind. Michael wanted to rush home and tell Adriana what had happened, he was so excited. He had to tell Adriana of his find, but he knew that he would have to temper his enthusiasm. After he had walked far enough away he had to turn and take a last look at the woman called Cassandra.

Yes, it was her, it had to be her, this was his soulmate Penelope, reincarnated. Penelope was destined to come back to him, now he would not lose her again. The way Michael figured, Lesliana had killed Penelope, to punish Michael for leaving her and running away from her deadly magic. Now at last he had found her......

" Michael, what do you want me to do", Adriana asked. Michael looked out the window at the full moon pensively and turned to face her. "Just meet her by accident, just strike up a conversation with her, she is real friendly you know?" Michael said. "You should have just charmed her when you had the chance," Adriana sarcasticlly replied.

Michael walked over to her and put his arms around her pulling her close. "My lovely, you know that I only care for you, my sweet". He gently put his hands on her face tracing her high cheekbones and then reached down and grabbed her round bottom and gave it a squeeze. "We need her, you know that, you had better get used to this, for there will be many others my darling" Michael said.

Kissing him deeply , Adriana unbuttoned and opened her blouse so she feel his chest upon her naked bosom. "Michael, please me, show me I am the only one you really want", Adriana whispered. Michael lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom.

Adriana had set up Cassandra so smoothly that Michael knew only he could have done better. She was still in school so it was easy for her to meet Cassandra and get close to her. Adriana then proceeded to tell Cassandra about her fiance, Michael and how wealthy he was. Adriana put it on thick with Cassandra to try to put her at ease, before she invited her to the house. It was perfect finding Cassandra, she lived alone and in the college dormitories so if she disapeared nobody would miss her, the house was big enough, she could move right in.

They arrived late after attending a movie, Cassandra was excited about meeting Michael. She kept teling Adriana that she couldn't wait, and in reality it was Michael who couldn't wait. He wanted to be able to hold her, kiss her sweeet lips, caress her soft face and make love to her tender body. Yes.... this was going to be a night to remember, not only for Michael but for Adriana too. She had never been with another woman and she exclaimed to Michael that she was quite excited also.

When they walked in Adriana introduced Cassandra to Michael and he seen her eyes light up when she seen him." I remember you from the college park bench, do you remember me?" Cassandra asked him. "Yes... I think I do remember you," Michael answered, coyly playing the question off. Michael poured them all drinks from his personal mixture and they drank and talked for a while. "Adriana, why don't you play for us," Michael asked. You know I love it, when you play your music, it is so enchanting," Michael said. Adriana knew that was her cue and rose up, walked over and turned down the lights and sat at the piano. She started to play light chords at first while Michael stared at Cassandra. She would look at him and then turn to look at Adriana to see what her reaction would be. Michael rose up after a few minutes and adressed Cassandra, "Shall we dance my lovely?" he said looking into her beautiful eyes. Michael knew he could not wait any longer his hunger was taking over he was losing his self control. Michael had to move now.........


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    • BrokenDreamer profile image

      Jen Christopherson 5 years ago from Oklahoma, USA

      Again, you leave me with more information and more questions! Your devilish, you are! lol

      I like this story very much, but my patience is wearing very thin! Where, oh where, is the rest of it???? lol

      Okay, I really need to get some rest, so even if there is more, it will have to wait for another day...

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      Katrine, thank you for your comments. You obviously have been following my work and I want to thank you. Your support is appreciated. In all stories there are many beautiful women, because they are so mysterious and sexy!! LOL

    • profile image

      KatrineDalMonte 5 years ago

      Wow, how many pretty ladies does he need for the 'family'? That's quite a story, and each chapter reveals more and more in reference to the previous parts. Great writing, holds the readers's interest.