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The First Girl that Broke his Heart

Updated on September 14, 2016

The first time he saw her was on the beach. He could almost see her flat chest through her white bathing suit. James felt a flush of heat and quickly turned onto his stomach to hide his excitement. A few minutes later she marched up to him, beach volley ball in one hand and introduced herself.

‘Elizabeth Morgan Jones.’ She was from Boston and like him, her family also owned a vacation home up the hill.

‘I’m bored and my sister has abandoned me for some stupid boy. Let’s play,’ she demanded, her dark hazel eyes gleamed with self-assurance.

‘Okay,’ was all he said, afraid that she would be able to sense his nerves through his voice.

In less than a few days on that particular family vacation the Fourteen-year-old James was struck by love. The events that took place the next four weeks would be a revelation to his juvenile sexual awareness. He would rise at five am daily and ride his bicycle up the hill to her family cottage, sneak through her bedroom window and into her bed. In only underwear she would climb on top of him and together they would use each other's bodies to masturbate. Too young to comprehend the desire and sensations too powerful to rationalise. But more so too naive to know that a broken heart is what sometimes followed only elevated his shock when days later he was to see her at the local market hand in hand with an older boy, perhaps sixteen. He ran off, his heart too sore to see more. He ran so fast, into the woods in tears, feeling emotions that overwhelmed his young spirit.

The pain he felt in the weeks to follow ripped at his insides and confused him. Was his heart going to be in pain forever? It didn't even hurt this much when he got savagely beaten up by Brian and his crew last year. How the hell could people be so stupid and put themselves through this thing called love? It simply wasn't worth it.

Each morning he woke up to the feeling that he had been punched in the stomach, this was usually following by a dream he had about her. Everyone was right, slowly her memory and his pain would fade, but he swore that never again will he let anyone make him feel that way again. James was determined to turn his fragile heart into one of a warrior.


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 18 months ago from Shelton

      wow, what a torture.. love the story-line..:)