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The Fleeing Lovers

Updated on March 6, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


1. Though like different species

Of plants on the

Same soil that blossom,

At the same time

2. After the early downpour

They become attracted to

Each other by their

Fragrance and beautiful colors

3. The winds brought its

Stamen to the style

And became fused with

It growing as one

4. Parents do not like

Their acquaintance yea their

Coming together as one

And rose against it

5. When this was discovered

They left the soil

Where they have been

Known to another soil

6. For they have entered

Each other and do

Not know how one

Could survive without other


7. They tried to imagine

This before eloping but

Found out it was

Verily impossible to do

8. As long as they

Are yet living they

Knew deep within themselves

That separation means sentence

9. Sentence to death is

Separation of one from

The other this they

And others have known

10. For their love is

Symbiotic in nature many

Have also discern this

Within the kingdom they live

11. ‘T wasn’t therefore surprising

Unto all when they

Found them not again

In kingdom after uprising

12. Parents on knowing where

They relocated to pursue

Them to the place

To bring about separation


13. To them it is

A taboo for white

And colored flowers to

Have any association ‘gether

14. Let alone what they

Wert trying to achieve

Coupling coming ‘gether as

One entity in all

15. But before they locate

Them at their new

Location they left the

Place for another site

16. Their parents wert yet

Undone with their trailing

As they followed them

To the new site

17. A child that says

His parents would not

Sleep would certainly not

Close his eyes also

18. Their resolute is to

Ever be together to

Bring happiness, peace ’n’ progress

To ‘self and others

19. This they are doing

And avowed themselves to

Use their last breath

To continue to do

20. After several attempts but

Failing their parents leave

Them to knock themselves

Out, for they ‘ve tried

21. When they discovered that

They weren’t pursued again

They could think straight

About what to do

22. Their symbiotic love started

Paying off, started proliferating

With their fruits taken

To other parts of globe

23. The fruits of their

Communion wert seen by

Their parents and they

Are happy for them



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