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The Flight of the Dollar Bill

Updated on May 11, 2013

The Flight log of an average tender..

The dollar bill is handed to the kid

whose off to school but this is what he did,

Lunch money it is, but lunch isn't what it bought

A minor buying drugs - hoping not to get caught.

The dollar is handed to the drug dealer;

we call him scum, he calls himself a healer.

He uses the dollar for reassurance,

ignorant he is for jail is a reoccurrence.

The dollar is handed to the judge

who orders a sentence and holds a grudge;

you see- the judge's son is hooked on drugs.

But the dollar bill can't substitute hugs.

The judge fills void feelings with buying things.

Benzes and houses and diamond rings..

The joy that only spending a dollar can bring.

The High notes that only C-notes can sing.

The dollar is is tossed; to and fro,

from wallet to hand the dollar must go.

The dollar doesn't care who it loves,

but when it loves YOU, this is what the dollar does;

comforts, protects, guides and directs

lives and gives; keeps our deepest secrets.

Unfaithful in the end, but an end to a means.

The Flight of the Dollar, the reason envy is green.



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    • sparksdaniel2000 profile image

      Danny Sparks 7 years ago from Los Angeles...

      Yes Danyell I wrote this--

    • profile image

      Danyell 7 years ago

      U wrote this? Really good

    • profile image

      mf213  7 years ago

      i just wanted to be the 1st to comment