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The Flip Flops Bureaucracy: A Poem

Updated on November 14, 2019
Halley Indonesia profile image

Halley is a teacher who loves to write. The purpose of writing to give benefits to readers.


The footprints of life are traced to different sizes and shapes

On the sandy soil there is a disturbing fishy odor

Making the atmosphere No longer feels cool

Like someone who is learning music and making noise.

The shadow occasionally disappears when the time is bright

The sun can be reached but cannot be grasped.

The ideals have grown, formed, and come true before him

Like someone who has gone by and forgot to return.

Words become the most beautiful memories that repeat.

Blown by the wind of glory over a conversation

Actions that are expected to bring income.

Like someone who wears a uniform gets everything in a grip.

Look and show me

About the meaning of the agreement when in togetherness

About the meaning of association as we have talked about

About the meaning you want to remember remembering togetherness.

Let's talk to me like in the past

Don't put a cheater on your face

Don't try to juggle time

And said I was an illusion from a future with no history.

Let's tie each other up and don't make it tight

With a myriad of powerful plans

With a mountain of new dreams you want to hunt

With as wide an unplanned view

With discourse that comes out because it's crowded

At a table that has been presented by food.

After that all happened you said bureaucracy

After that, everything will not be the same

After that we all feel hurt

Starting again from the ground where we fell

Eliminating all the pistons that have beautiful blooms

Leaving a line of spirit

Message Poetry

Poetry literary work is an expression of the author's feelings with one of his aims to convey a message and a mandate for the reader.

The poem above is only an expression and does not intend to view events from negative things. Hopefully what is written in the poem above you can enjoy with understanding and depth of your meaning as a reader.

Flip flops bureaucracy is a parable of how we are in democracy and negotiating in dealing with a problem and problem.

Hopefully the poem above is a reference about events that you might have experienced. Every action will bring an impact that we must resolve ourselves.

We also must be prepared to accept solutions and not to hurt our own friends. Such is the poem above entitled Flip-flops bureaucracy.

A communication that has an embarrassing impact on one party. An invitation that turns into destruction if we stand by and can only be silent.

Hopefully a little story above opens your understanding all. Thank you for reading my work and information.


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