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The Four Kinds of Filipino Mindset

Updated on December 22, 2017
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H.Sanbika is medically oriented by degree though she's not practicing it currently, Her passion on scribbling thoughts dragged her here.


Okay first off, before anyone makes a babbling argument. I'm not trying to be racist in any way or another about the title why I mentioned Filipinos specifically. Now, everyone could have these 4 kinds of mindset but I pin-pointed on my fellow Filipinos because yes, I myself am a Filipino, I live in the Philippines and I mingle most with my fellow country men so before I'll be branded a biased stateside-raised Filipino brat. I grew up in the highlands of Luzon, and chill I'm not making something really horrendous that could mar an image or something.

I observed that there are quite four outstanding mind attributes that most Filipino have. Although one may have more than a couple or mix ups of these four distinct mindsets, there would always be that specific one that out shadows the others. Of course there are lots of topic out there that tackle about this matter and one could mention a whole lot more in different ways when building up a list. But Oh well, this is just my humble mind speaking out and finding it's way. So whether I'd be agreed upon or not, please don't judge I'm just passing through :)

What Kind Of Mindset Do You Have?


1. The Sand/Gravel Mindset

This kind of mindset is somehow open to opportunities, it could see the good and bad side of a situation and has a bit of a view to possibilities and what should be done accordingly. It has the ability to absorb ideas, new learning and can be easily motivated. However, this kind of mindset is not stable with its decisions, It is easily swayed and discouraged. It couldn't hold acquired ideas long and have short attention span. This mindset doesn't finish anything at all because it loves to begin only when in the mood and starts another when it loses interest. The Happy-go-Lucky lines up in here. Doesn't have a solid standing for itself because it is controlled mostly by external factors. At most, this mindset is naive and ironical with regards to social and status views, it hates prosperity for it perceives it as a curse but loves to involve on get-rich-quick schemes. Generally contented with its own state and a little desire to improve current situation.


2. The Stone Mindset

This kind of mindset is somewhat open to opportunities too, it could absorb new learning and ideas but superficially. It doesn't stay long for something like any goals or dreams to achieve, the "ningas-cogon" a common Filipino term meaning "sparks like cogon grass". A cogon grass sets fire easily and dies down as quickly as it has started, therefore this mindset gets hyped up so fast almost in any matter but easily quits when things get hard and tough. This mindset don't take things at heart and listens only to what is relevant and acceptable to it's views and has difficulty reaching out to others. It loves to complain and covet anything it sees as desirable but doesn't do some action about it. Convincing this kind of mindset is really a hard task and it is so much skeptical on almost every new things presented to it. As long as this mindset isn't hard up with anything it would be perfectly fine.


3. The Mud/Clay Mindset

Overall this mindset can be versatile, can absorb learning, a bit open and easily guided and molded. It can resist some things that it perceive as helpful to itself but at times it losses that capability and get soaked much on negative external factors that it encounters. This mindset is often exposed to great ideas and opportunities on all aspects of life but its negativity kill every single chance that knocks on its doors. Moreover this envious mindset must focus on itself to improve more and look on successful minds as an inspiration to follow and not an enemy to gossip about and destroy. Once successful, it has the tendency to look down on others and be greedy at most, however doesn't stay long on the top.


4. The Loam/Rich Soil Mindset

Last and the best among all, this is the most ideal mindset that I really admire. This mindset is very much adaptive and open to opportunities and its strongest quality is the desire to learn more. It keeps on looking for ways to improve itself and doesn't focus much on negativity. It gets discouraged and fail every now and then but it uses it as a stepping stone to advance. This mindset is not as lucky like the clay one in regards to opportunity, But any small thing acquired by this mindset just impressively grows and it tries to make one when there's no available. This mindset has the ability to nurture any ideas presented to it and tries to flourish it no matter how long it takes. Generally the most patient and successful mindset.

Quite relevant? Hmm.. I didn't mean something so bad about it but these are just mindset we may or may not have. By some chance if we do, I believe it's not permanent and we can still do something about it right?

© 2017 Himeko Sanbika


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    • Michael-Duncan profile image


      19 months ago from Germany


      Insightful points we can all learn from.

      I love the Philippines.

      Thanks for sharing.



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