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The Ghost of Hearts

Updated on May 27, 2012
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Maria is from Melbourne, Australia. She writes poetry and song lyrics collaborating with musicians who give life to her words through music.

This is a tale of a tortured soul

Who tragically has not quite passed on

But walks the earth alone and forsaken

Neither having gone to hell or heaven

His demise came on a fateful frosty night

When he slipped on rocks to his death

All the way down into an abyss he fell

And woke as a ghost with a story to tell

He soon realised that he had no body

And wondered how he could walk without legs

It was a case of mind over matter he guessed

To inform his beloveds about his death

As a man, this Ghost was courting three women

So he set out to visit them one by one

He needed to explain to each of them discreetly

How it came to be that he had lost his life.

He first approached Celeste who had curvy hips

And laid his ghostly hand on her shoulder which made her shiver

He spoke to her in loving words as she looked in the mirror

Whilst she combed her raven hair and painted her lips

And could neither hear nor see his ghostly apparition

Broken hearted he proceeded to visit Margherita

Whom he adored because with her, he shared la dolce vita

She lay seductively on her bed in a black negligee

And he approached her with lust like back in the day

But he noticed that he could no longer feel the fire

That once flamed the sinews of his earthly desire

So he watched her yawn sleepily and turn on her side

Eyes closed and falling in a sweet slumber ‘till morn

Leaving him feeling all cold and empty and forlorn

The last lover he sought was named Camille

She was a poet and he held her in high esteem

He sat near as she scribed her rhymes with a quill

Not touching for he knew she would not feel

Not uttering a sound for he knew she heard nil

And as he looked over her shoulder with melancholy

This Ghost of Hearts realised his vanity and folly

His soul felt all the pain now that he had no body

And he wished he was in the hot fires of hades

He thought he had found his soul-mate lady

He thought Camille and he would one day marry

Alas, the Ghost of Heart's soul finally passed over

When he read her loving words scribed to her new lover.

© Copyright Maria D'Alessandro 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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