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The Giant's Fall

Updated on February 27, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


1. He has just returned

To the island with

Something powerful, that island

Has been seeking for

2. It has been long

That the people of

Island has been seeking

For a likened possession

3. People have been sent

On the bills of

The island to learn

This thing but couldn’t

4. He went on a

Trip outside the island

For a different purpose

Stumbled across the thing

5. Made inquiries into how

Met with favor was

Granted access to the

Rudiments of acquiring it

6. After acquiring it, worked

With the people for

A while, then asked when

He’ld prepare for home

7. He was let go

Not long after get

Hold of all his

Belongings for return trip

8. Soon got to Island,

Relatives were happy seeing

Him return safely to island

Was befittingly welcomed home.


9. After a while let

His people know that

He diverted to ‘nother

Skill when he traveled

10. Told them the skill

Acquired there, they were

Happy ‘cos island has

Spent and be spent

11. Many a one has

Been sent to learn

About something he possessed

But didn’t get close

12. Took the matter to

Island leaderships that their

Own now possesses what

Island has been longing for

13. Quickly, island leaderships sent

For him, made inquiries

If what his people

Said ‘bout him was true

14. After a while, resolutions

Were made by leaderships

To add him into

The decision-making body

15. Few asked of requirements

Expected of him to

Fulfill before becoming a

Member of the house

16. They agreed that he

Was needed in the

Team to terrify other

Islands bringing in security


17. The needful requirements to

Fulfill were waived for

Him ‘cause island had

Lacked this for long

18. Island has been without

Security for this, suffered

Terribly for long from

Other islands for this

19. An accolade due to

Him, everyone says within

And without, debt profile

Will reduce for this

20. He started well with

The people, putting them

At the apex of

His heart for a-while

21. As time flies by

He didn’t consider the

People of island important

Again, was inward looking

22. The neglect of citizens

Brought he into house

Of leaderships, started ignoring

Them, not attending meetings

23. Call to order repeatedly

But didn’t yield for

He has what no one

Has within the island

24. Everyone becomes sick of

Him and was praying

Hoping, looking for way

Out of the mess


25. He has become dry

Bone that stuck to

The island’s esophagus which

Needs to be removed

26. A problem emerged and

He was called upon

To use his skills

To resolve the problem

27. He didn’t answer them

For a while, when he

‘Ventually answered demand he

Puts across can’t be met

28. Pleaded and pleaded with

Him for reconsideration but

He did not answer them

Asked them to consult other

29. If thou consult others

From other islands for

This, you would know

‘Am considerate with thee

30. Island leaderships met severally

Eventually resolved to go

Along with his demands

Then, heard the news

31. A young unknown guy emerged

Indigene of island has

Emerged in the line

Of such skills a-while

32. Limited number of people

Within island knew this

Now that they are in

Strait gate, told leaderships


33. Covertly for fear of

Negativity if it’s a lie

Interviewed the young guy

He showed them his worth

34. They were dumbfounded of

What they heard and

Were convinced of what

He has shown ‘em

35. Resolved to try even

If at higher costs

If he fails, took

Him to the zone

36. He excellently performed those

Things they had been

Paying for, not asked

For did the thing

37. Island became free of

The pangs of the giant

When he heard he

Said it couldn’t be

38. He was ignored by

All as people started

Singing about the naïve

Unknown guy, new savior

39. Giant's statues in center

Of island was demolished

Those at homes were

Replaced with naïve guy

40. Giant covered with shame

Weeks after found dead

In his apartment as

Island remain peaceful ever



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