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The Gossip Girl

Updated on May 16, 2013

This goes out to all the home wreckers and gossipers

I love it when it is quiet, but I will let you talk.

Though your voice pierces my ears and sends me into a frenzy…go ahead and talk.

The silence is broken and your words make no sense.

You babble and lie and complain… then lie some more, gossip, and complain again.

You are ridiculous, but I will let you talk.

Just maybe that forked tongue of yours will tire its self out.

It might get tangled between those filthy teeth.

You are a liar therefore nothing about you is clean.

You break the stillness with your shabby slang.

You usage of ebonics is nauseating.

My stomach turns as I attempt to decipher the meaning of your incomplete sentences.

The mood is interrupted when you walk into the room.

Your words are like little shards of glass being driven under my nails.

Shut up! Fool. Stop making all of us look bad.

You have defiled the silence and now the air is alive with the smacking of your lips.

Your cackles destroy the atmosphere …clouds give up their rain the moment you open your mouth.


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    • profile image

      Stacy 6 years ago

      Speak that truth

    • Knownai profile image

      Knownai 6 years ago from NAIROBI

      interesting piece of writing.