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List Of The Greatest Spider-man Villains

Updated on September 13, 2016
The Green Goblin
The Green Goblin

The Green Goblin

The Green Goblin is probably the most well known and loved nemesis of Spider-man. First seen in issue #14 of Amazing Spider-man from 1964. Many characters have taken on the mantel of the Green Goblin but the original and best remains Norman Osborn. Osborn is the father of Spider-man Peter Parkers best friend Harry Osborn, originally an amoral industrialist he develops a serum which enhances his physical and mental abilities but which unfortunately also drives him insane. The Green Goblin has also been involved in two of Marvels most controversial story lines.The story goes that in issue # 39 writer Stan Lee wanted to reveal to the readership the identity of the Green Goblin and to show that he was Norman Osborn, father of Spider-mans best friend, however artist Steve Ditko felt that the Goblin should be an unknown character, the disagreement between the two creators as the legend goes caused Ditko to walk out on Marvel never to return again. In issue # 121 Peter Parkers then girlfriend Gwen Stacy is murdered by the Green Goblin who hurls her from a bridge, at this time in 1973 a major character being killed in a comic book was pretty controversial stuff. In the 2002 movie Spider-man, Green Goblin is portrayed by the brilliant Willem Dafoe.

John Romita takes over the Spider-man artwork from issue 39.
John Romita takes over the Spider-man artwork from issue 39.

Doctor Octopus

Dr Otto Octavius was scientist who invented a set of highly advanced mechanical arms that would be attached to his back and controlled by a brain/ computer interface to assist him in his research in atomic physics. After a radiation accident in the laboratory the mechanical arms were left permanently fused to the scientists back allowing him control of them by his own thoughts alone.Soon nicknamed Dr Octopus, Octavius soon went on a crime spree and inevitably ended up in battle with Spider-man who he initially defeated but with the help of the Human Torch Spider-man was able to take Doc Ock down. One of the most beloved and recurring bad guys in the Spider-man comics we shall probably see plenty more of this villain in the future.

Doctor Octopus makes his first appearance in Amazing Spider-man # 3 from 1963.
Doctor Octopus makes his first appearance in Amazing Spider-man # 3 from 1963.


Venom or the Venom Symbiote is an extraterrestrial life form that needs to bond with another life form to survive, originally the symbiote bonded with Spider-man who eventually managed to separate and break free from the creature when he discovered its true nature, the alien then took hold of disgraced journalist Eddie Brock who became its long standing host. Venom often comes up against Spider-man but also sometimes acts as a violent hero seeking to save the innocent.

The Lizard

First appearing in Amazing Spider-man # 6 from November 1963, Curt Connors is a former army surgeon injured in a blast which caused him to lose his right arm. Obsessed with trying to grow a new limb,Dr Connors develops an experimental serum made from reptilian DNA. After some success using the serum on animals Connors tries it on himself, the serum worked, and Connors right arm grows back, unfortunately the side effects mean he is transformed into a reptilian humanoid monster! As the Lizard ,Connors has superhuman powers, increased strength and agility and an ability to climb walls using his sharp claws and micro scales to grip. In the 2012 movie the Lizard is played by welsh actor Rhys Ifans.

The Lizards first appearance in Amazing Spider-man # 6
The Lizards first appearance in Amazing Spider-man # 6


Although originally a Spider-man villain, the Kingpin has also over the years been a one of Daredevils main enemies and featured in the 2003 Daredevil movie played by the late Michael Clarke Duncan. The crime lord Kingpin aka Wilson Fisk is first seen in one of the most iconic and beloved 1960s comic books Amazing Spider-man # 50 famous for its " Spider-man No More " cover. Although Fisk has no super powers he is incredibly strong and once fought Captain America to a standstill, he is an expert martial artist in particular Sumo wrestling and has been known to easily throw an enemy across a room.The Kingpin continues to be an enemy of Spider-man, Daredevil and also the Punisher.

Amazing Spider-man # 50 the Kingpins first appearance with art by John Romita.
Amazing Spider-man # 50 the Kingpins first appearance with art by John Romita.


Soon to appear in the forthcoming movie Amazing Spider-man 2 portrayed by Jamie Foxx, Electro is a long standing nemesis of Peter Parkers, first appearing in Amazing Spider-man # 9 from February 1964. After being struck by lightning after working on a power line, Maxwell Dillon gains the ability to control electricity. Although a very powerful villain Electro is normally defeated by Spider-man or any of the other super heroes he fights, usually being outsmarted or by his foes taking advantage of his weakness to water when charged.

Spider-man gets a shock.
Spider-man gets a shock.


Like Venom, Carnage is the result of the alien symbiote bonding with a host, in this case the psychopathic killer Cletus Kasasday. Carnage unlike Venom has no sense of morality whatsoever and also unlike Venom, Carnage is able launch his symbiote body parts at enemies in the form of darts, spears or knives, although a modern day enemy of the web slinger having only being around since 1992 Carnage is a very popular character among Spider-man readers and i would not be surprised to see him feature in a Spider-man movie sometime in the near future.

First full appearance in Amazing Spider-man # 361
First full appearance in Amazing Spider-man # 361

Other notable Spider-man Villains

  1. The Vulture
  2. Kraven the Hunter
  3. The Beetle
  4. Rhino
  5. The Scorpion
  6. Mysterio
  7. Morbius
  8. The Chameleon
  9. Puma
  10. The Sandman
  11. Hammerhead
  12. Molten Man
  13. The Jackal
  14. Hobgoblin
  15. Boomerang
  16. The Punisher ( originally an enemy in ASM # 129 )


Even though he has been around since 1962 the popularity of the Spider-man character seems to have no bounds, with merchandise, comic books and new movies on the horizon the love for Marvels number one character with old fans and new seems as high as ever, long live Spidey!


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    • Nathan Kiehn profile image

      Nathan Kiehn 3 months ago

      If you've never read "The Gauntlet," I would highly recommend it. It's an Amazing Spider-Man arc that really updates a lot of Spidey's classic rogues gallery (Electro, Sandman, Rhino, Mysterio, etc.) and culminates in a pretty great Kraven-centric story. Modern takes on supervillains seem to fail a lot (Dawn of Justice's Lex Luthor or Iron Man 3's Mandardin, for example), but these are good updates on old foes.

    • nuffsaidstan profile image

      nuffsaidstan 4 years ago

      Ha Ha, thanks Tony, i think Morbius was only introduced at the time so Marvel could push their luck after the comic code less issues, because if i correctly remember vampires hadn't been allowed after the Wertham trial.

    • Tonyx35 profile image

      J Antonio Marcelino 4 years ago from Illinois, USA

      I've been reading Spider-Man comics for a while now and I never understood the appeal of Dr. Michael Morbius (Living Vampire). Perhaps I just need to read more Morbius stories. What do I know?, the "Vampire craze" happened in Hollywood.

      Where's Hydro-Man? I'm just kidding, Haha. A fine list, voted up.

    • nuffsaidstan profile image

      nuffsaidstan 4 years ago

      Same here mate but thought he deserved to be on the list.

    • Geekdom profile image

      Geekdom 4 years ago

      Great List. Personally I have never been a big Elecktro fan but recognize his place as one of Spider-man's greatest villains. I had a difficult time coming up with my own top 10. I copped out at chose the 10 most influential.