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The Groom

Updated on November 4, 2013

The Groom

It hadn’t been a very long time

Since he first meet her

It was not long before he knew

That he truly loved her

He stood still in the church

All eyes on the doors as he waited for her

When would the doors open?

When will I see her?

Then they opened and the music played

Here comes his bride he didn’t have to keep waiting for her

She was radiant, her beauty unmatched

She was his bride, his love; he only had eyes for her

She walked with such grace, closer and closer

His heart raced and now he stood in front of her

They said the vows, she shed her tears

He smiled at her and then he kissed her

She was now his wife and he was now her husband

He would never let anything hurt her

His wife would always know his love

He knew he could never stop loving her

They left the church and went to the reception hall

And though the knot was tied all eyes were still on her

They made the toast, they cut the cake, and they gave their hugs and thanks

But he was ready to just be alone with her

All those days they spent apart were no more

He would never have to say another goodbye to her

They would never have to be apart, they would never be alone

She would always be with him and he would always be with her


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