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The Gypsies and the Other Realm-Chapter 15

Updated on May 7, 2022
Sherrye Barrow profile image

Sherrye has always enjoyed stories about gypsies, pixies,fairies and a variety of folklore characters.Research was key to this project.

The Gypsies and the Moon Faerie-Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Selena, and Jupiter were sent out into the woods by Mariska to locate Szofi and Brutus and tell Szofi about Bavaro and Maerie's surprise wedding. Selena, found Maerie picnicking under a large willow tree next to a babbling stream with Brutus. Brutus and Szofi were cozy, they were getting to know one another better, and discussing their future together. Jupiter,gently landed on Maerie's shoulder, and Selena, flew up to Szofi's ear and whispered that her sister was planning to marry Bavaro, the day after tomorrow. Then, Jupiter, flew away with Selena.
Szofi's facial expression, startled Brutus and he asked her if anything was wrong. Szofi, composed herself, and casually started packing up the picnic. She told Brutus she would really like to go back to the farmhouse and spend some time with her family before they had to leave to market. Brutus, understood her request and helped her finish packing the picnic . Together they strolled lazily hand in hand back to their vardo. Szofi,was bursting inside with excitement,but decided he might think less of her if she told him a faerie had just delivered some unbelievably good news.
Brutus, harnessed the Tinks, to the vardo and they made their way back on the trail through the woods to the farmhouse. When they arrived, there was a lot of commotion, and Maerie ran out to greet them and deliver the good news. Brutus and Szofi looked stunned at Maerie, when she delivered her news almost breathless from running.Brutus congratulated her, and Szofi, clammered down from the vardo, and hugged her sister tightly, then they danced around merrily knowing that they would not be separated now. Brutus, was delighted both for Szofi and Maerie, but also for his Uncle Bavaro, he set off to help with the preparations for the wedding where ever he might be needed .
Szofi, and Maerie, skipped, back to the farmhouse arm in arm and hugged occasionally as they shared giggles and whispers. Patsy, and Viktoria met the girls coming into the kitchen door with Stefan's mom, Angela. Angela was prepared to take measurements for Maerie's wedding dress. She had agreed to make the bridal gown and a tailored suit for the groom. Patsy, chose pink organza and white for their colors. Maerie was delighted with her choice of color and fabrics. Viktoria, had asked, Mariska, Violet and Livia, to comb the woods for wildflowers, herbs, and stones to use as decorations . Bavaro's twin girls, Lilith and Rosalie, carried the large baskets for them. Selena and Jupiter scouted the woods with the tribe of faeries to gather herbs, and other needful items for them, so that they could construct a genuine putzi for Maerie.
Sean and Valentino rescued an old caravan in disrepair that had been left out behind the stables. Stefan's father,Andre had found paint,wood, and other materials that would be useful in refurbishing the old caravan into a nice home for Bavaro, Maerie and the twin girls. Sean had chosen two dapple gray mares to gift as well.
Valentino, asked Raj's father, Nickolaus, to craft two sets of black with silver medal rivets, embedded in the harnesses and reins out of leather, for the dappled gray horses, to pull the caravan, as a gift to his brother, Bavaro.

Viktoria, asked some of the men to construct a simple wooden altar, large enough for the bride and groom to park under, on horseback. The Elders, would sit on a bench on the opposite side of the wooden altar. Viktoria, planned on decorating the wooden altar with natural vines and wild flowers. A large path would lead through the middle of the guests from the stables, to the altar. The path would be lined with baskets of wildflowers. The guests, would be seated on benches, on both sides of the horse path during the ceremony.
Viktoria, asked some of Sean's boys if they knew of anyone who had two white Shetland ponies for Bavaro's girls to ride on? One of the boys, knew of a neighbor that might lend Shetland ponies for the event. Valentino, accompanied Sean's boy to the neighbors, to ask about the ponies. When the neighbor, brought two beautiful white ponies, out of his stable, Valentino, was moved to offer Sean's neighbor a handsome price to purchase both ponies for his brother's children. The neighbor, agreed to sell, Valentino, both ponies. Valentino, proudly escorted both ponies back to Sean's farm for Viktorias, grand entrance at the wedding event. Viktoria, was overwhelmed, by the beauty of both Shetland ponies, and her husband's generosity. Valentino, then asked, Nikolaus, to craft a set of matching black leather bridles with silver rivets, for the ponies. Bavaro,Maerie, and the girls were astonished by the gift and truly grateful.Brutus offered to bathe and groom, the horses and ponies for the wedding ceremony. Bavaro' son, Oberon, offered to help Brutus.
More benches would have to be built and white washed. Many large baskets would have to be made to hold the wild flowers, and clay vessels would have to be constructed for spirits. The dance floor would need to be constructed in front of the gazebo where the musicians would play. The eating tables and benches would surround the dance floor. Sean's boys, Stefan and Raj, would supervise many of the gypsy boys in building, and whitewashing. A few potters set up shop in one of the old barns to make clay vessels, and somewhat older tribe members, collected reeds and wove large handsome baskets.
Raj's mother, Star, and some of the older women, began to prepare another feast. Some of the men butchered a pig, a cow, a turkey, and some goose, duck and chickens to be cooked over a spit barbecue that they had built in the ground outside.Oberon's wife, Blossom, took many of the young women from the tribe to gather fruits and vegetables from the orchards and gardens.

Viktoria, entertained herself, by playing games with the smaller children of the tribe. She enjoyed, the little ones, and didn't really find too many chances to interact with them, while the construction, and crafting was going on, and the girls were out collecting the things that she needed to decorate.
The creepy bugbear stalked, Mariska's, group of girls, as they wandered through the woods, collecting their treasures. Lilith and Rosalie, set down their baskets of wildflowers, and sat down to rest, against the trunk of a large tree. The bugbear, that had been stalking them, came out of the woods, like a whirlwind. The bugbear, stopped in front of, Bavaros, two girls, and showed his teeth, and then sat up on his hind end, and bared his claws. Lilith and Rosalie, hugged one another in fear, and did not make a sound. Mariska, who had been collecting herbs, turned around to check on the twins, only to see the frightening bugbear, perched in front of them. Mariska screamed, and Violet and Livia, stopped collecting stones, and began to scream, when they too, saw the mean bugbear in front of Lilith and Rosalie.
Selena and Jupiter immediately, took flight towards the girl's screams. The tribe of faeries followed. When Selena, saw the bugbear, she and the faeries, began flying around the bugbears head, causing the goblin, confusion, while Jupiter, shape shifted himself into a griffin. When the griffin, began to attack the bugbear, the faeries moved away. The bugbear, turned away from the girl's, and began to chase, the griffin into the woods. When the griffin, had led the bugbear far enough away, he turned invisible, and went back to Selena. When he found, Selena. and the tribe of faeries, he turned visible again, as a miniature, opaque white flying horse.
Mariska, helped the girls in the group, gather their things, quickly, and together with Selena and Jupiter and the tribe of faeries, they walked quickly, quietly, and cautiously through the woods, back to the farmhouse. No one mentioned their adventure in the woods, with the bugbear to anyone. Bavaro, noticed his children looked a little shaken by something and inquired about their safety in the woods. Mariska, told Bavaro, that the girls had thought, they had seen a bear, but it had been an illusion. Bavaro, lifted one eye skeptically and asked Mariska, to take one of the older boys, that had hunting gear with them should they need to go on another excursion in the woods. Mariska promised Bavaro, that she indeed would do just that, even though the faeries had protected them. Bavaro, did not believe that Mariska, had told him the whole truth.
The girls, all set their baskets on a table, on the back porch. When they entered the kitchen, Maerie's, sisters were cutting, fitting, and sewing pieces of fabric together, of the bridal dress. Lilith and Rosalie, ran to Maerie, and hugged her tightly, they were quietly whispering to her about the bugbear and whimpered as to how the faeries had saved them. Maerie, was surprised, that they had come to her for solace, and outraged that the bugbear had come so close to hurting them. Patsy, overheard, about the bugbear, and she told the girls that bugbears only frighten children if it thinks a child has misbehaved, they are only goblins and will not harm them. Nevertheless, the good faerie, is a nice thing to have around, to divert a bugbears attention. Patsy, then winked at the girls, knowingly. Maerie, wondered if her mother knew about the faeries. Szofi, suggested the twins get fitted for their pretty wedding dresses, with Patsy, and she, Mariska, Violet, and Livia, would go to the edge of the woods, in the field, and collect butterflies, to set free out of covered baskets, when the wedding nuptials were over.
When Szofi, and the girls, were chasing butterflies in the field, Stefan, Raj and Badger, returned to the farmhouse, with many of the guests. Brutus , Oberon, Victor, Sean and Valentino, helped settle the guests, unharness their animals ,and then feed and water them before pasturing the animals for the night. Many of the guests, pitched in to help with supper and wedding preparations on arrival.
Selena, Jupiter and the tribe of faeries, flew out to the field, and asked Szofi, to bring her sister Maerie, to the faerie garden, early in the morning, as they had a surprise planned for her.Szofi, agreed that she would bring Maerie in the morning. Selena, and the tribe of faeries, thought that Szofi, was a lovely girl, just like her sister,Maerie.
Blossom, rang the farmhouse dinner bell, to bring,family and friends in for supper. Szofi, Mariska, Violet, and Livia, had just finished, capturing many beautiful butterflies, in their covered baskets, and set them, in the corner of the barn, until they needed them, tomorrow.
Brutus, greeted his wife with a kiss on her cheek and then accompanied his wife to the farmhouse, he had just come out of the barn, he was glad to see her.Szofi, thought that, her new husband was very sweet and thoughtful. Stefan, Badger, and Raj accompanied Mariska, Violet and Livia, to supper as well. The meal, was interesting, as it was a mish-mash of leftovers from the previous wedding, with quail, dove, grouse, and venison, added, as well as a few fresh, vegetables, fruit and desserts. The dinner was not formal, it was very casual, and the children, men and women stood in line together, to grab a plate and utensils and help themselves. Tin cups, were used for beverages, rather than the crystal glasses, pictures and decanters that were used when they arrived. An elder, said grace in the kitchen and did not follow through with blessings and cleansing rituals.
The Elders felt, that since this was Bavaro's second marriage, the wedding could be more casual.Maerie, also did not have to be secluded from Bavaros family and their guests, for supper. Tonight, she would spend her evening, with her siblings, parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents, spending quality time with them, before she would leaves with her new husband.
Valentino's tribe would unite around a campfire and celebrate Bavaro's upcoming marriage. The gypsies, would dance, play music, and enjoy conversation and the men would toast the groom to be and drink spirits. Men, women and children would all participate in the all night festivities. Sean's family, was also invited after they spent some quality time with their daughters.
When, supper was over, many of the women, put away the food, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, together, so that they could all enjoy the wedding. Most of the feast, for the wedding had already been prepared, and the meat was barbecuing on the spits, in the ground, several men from the tribe, took turns, marinating, and carefully turning the steel rods, that held the meat in place over the coals. The essence of the meats, was already permeating the air with this delicious, mouthwatering aroma.
Late in the evening, fireflies graced the gypsy's presence, by dancing over the lake in the dark, next to the festivities. The gypsy music was enchanting, and seductive, luring men to partner with women in the tribe and dance. Raj asked Violet to dance, prompting Stefan to ask Mariska to dance, and Badger then asked Livia to dance.
Valentino and Viktoria, Sean and Patsy, Brutus and Szofi, Oberon and Blossom, invited Bavaro and Maerie, and the twins to enter the family circle and hold hands as more members of the tribe, and extended members of the tribe, friends and guests joined the circle and danced merrily around them. A handsome boy named Chip, and a cute, petite, blonde, girl named Selena, rode into the festivities on a beautiful white stallion, dismounted, and joined in the dance.
When the circle dance was over, many of the children, were put to bed, by mothers and siblings, for the night. This time, Mariska, Violet and Livia, were not requested to do this chore. Szofi, and Brutus offered to put Robin and Rudolfo to bed. Mariska and Livia thought that their new sister in law, was an angel from heaven sent to help them. Brutus, decided his new bride would be a wonderful mother to his children, and would be a totally great wife, for him, they had already found that they had many things in common and agreed on all plans they had made so far for their future life.
The night wore on, and Mariska found herself, even more attracted to Stefan. He stayed near her the entire night, engaging her in light conversation, while they took a short walk, away from the festivities, headed for the pasture, where they hung on the fence and enjoyed watching the horses graze under the moonlight in silence for awhile. The sky was clear, and the stars twinkled, as they both gazed at the heavens. Mariska, got excited, when she saw a shooting star and pointed it out to Stefan. Stefan smiled, and reached over to hold her hand, and she accepted it. Mariska's, body tingled, as she held Stefan's hand. Without speaking, Stefan led her away from the pasture, and began walking back to the festivities. When they arrived, holding hands, Valentino decided to make the announcement that they too were going to be married, in the near future. Mariska, blushed when the announcement was made, but was relieved and happy that it was Stefan that chose her to be his bride. Raj, Violet, Badger, Livia, Brutus, Szofi, Andre, Angela, Nikolaus, Star, Bavaro,Maerie, Victor, Sean, Patsy, Oberon, Blossom, Valentino, and Viktoria toasted Stefan, and Mariska, and Chip and Selena were the first in line to offer congratulations. Stefan seemed a little puzzled that Mariska, knew them so well, he had never really noticed them, until tonight. The rest of the night for Mariska, was a blur, as friends and family, danced with her, and congratulated her.
Early in the morning, Stefan and Badger escorted Mariska and Livia to their vardo to get some sleep before sunrise. Stefan kissed Mariska, gently on the forehead, and Badger kissed Livias hand. Both girls, were so excited, when they got inside the vardo, and both boys had left, they could hardly sleep, from the rapid pace both of their hearts were beating.


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