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The Gypsies and The Other Realm-Chapter 14

Updated on May 7, 2022
Sherrye Barrow profile image

Sherrye has always enjoyed stories about gypsies, pixies,fairies and a variety of folklore characters.Research was key to this project.

The Gypsies and the Moon Faerie

Brutus and Szofi Marry

Viktoria, and the twins were happily exploring the faerie garden together, when Selena appeared riding Jupiter. Selena kindly asked, Viktoria, to have the boys step away from the garden. When Victoria grabbed each of the twins chubby little hands and stepped away from the garden, a parade of faeries marched out of their dwellings.

Viktoria was taken by surprise and the boys pulled away from, Viktorias, grip and clapped their hands gleefully jumping up and down. Selena introduced the host of faeries to, Viktoria, and the twins explaining that they had come to this garden and taken up permanent residence as a wedding gift to, Szofi from her sister Maerie.

The two girls had built and nurtured this garden together for many years in the hopes that someday faeries would inhabit it. Viktoria was surprised to learn that, Szofi ,had been able to witness this extraordinary transformation and meet the new inhabitants of the faerie garden early this morning.
The Rudolpho and Robin, were delighted when the faeries sang, played their instruments, and danced for them. When the entertainment was over a few of the faeries brought out the miniature animals for the boys to see. This excited the twins and they wanted to touch the animals, the faeries quickly put them away, so that no harm would come to them and some of the other faeries engaged the boys in a game where they would fly around them and land gently on their shoulders, head, and arms and then fly away.

Selena asked Viktoria, if she and the faeries might be invited to attend the wedding and festivities . Selena explained, that faeries were able to change their appearance to look like humans. Viktoria, hesitantly agreed to the invite, so long as the faeries promised they would not create mischief, after all this was her son's very special day. Selena, agreed to the terms and announced the invitation to the group of faeries.
Valentino,Victor and Bavaro had stepped out onto the front porch and were quietly watching Viktoria,and the twins playing by the faerie garden as they waited for the caravan of gypsy guests to arrive for the wedding. Valentino,Victor and Bavaro were certain they had heard music and thought the parade of guests were on its way. Much to their surprise the music had stopped and nothing yet was in sight.

Upon seeing Valentino,Victor and Bavaro, standing on the porch, Viktoria, grabbed the twins and hastened them toward the front porch to greet their father and uncles. Valentino and Bavaro each scooped up a twin into their arms and proceeded to tease and tickle them. Mariska, Livia, and Violet, joined Valentino, Viktoria, Victor, Bavaro and the twins on the porch to wait for the guests to arrive. Stefan,Raj,and Badger came around the farmhouse from the stables riding their ponies in preparedness to escort their guests to parking areas so that they might unharness their animals and tether or corral them while they attended the wedding. When they arrived, they would have to be escorted and parked out by the lake. Sean and Patsy, also joined the group assembling on the porch.
A tribe of gypsies, appeared on the dirt road about 1/4 mile from the farmhouse. The group was dancing, singing, and playing joyful music as they paraded up the road in their decorative vardos, and caravans. Valentino, noticed a large cluster of insects, fly out of the faeries garden and head for the caravan of gypsies. As promised, the faeries shape-shifted into a human like being, and blended in, unnoticed with the rest of the arriving guests.

As the guests arrived, the families would leave their dwellings and walk up to the farmhouse while the escorts, helped the drivers to park the caravans and vardos, and then, the animals would be unhooked, watered, and then tethered or corralled. Many of Sean's boys, put out hay and grain for the guests animals.
Sean, Patsy, Valentino, and Viktoria, greeted the guests and made introductions as they arrived onto the front porch. Mariska, Violet, and Livia, were instructed to gather the gifts and put them in the gifts cart. Bavaro, and his daughters,Rosalie and Lilith, took care of the guests coats and wraps. Victor, went to help the escorts. Maerie, showed the arriving guests to the decorated, tables, and benches, arranged on the grassy lawn, in the back of the farmhouse.

Beverages, appetizers, and snacks, were available on the back porch, tables, for the guests to indulge in, while waiting for everyone to be seated and the wedding ceremony to begin.
Viktoria, Maerie, Mariska, Violet, and Livia, smiled, as Selena, and the tribe of faeries, were introduced as friends of the bride. They resembled their pixie like features even as humans, but their skin tones had slightly different color variations, that resulted in pigmented shades of blue, purple, pink, and green. Their glitter, face paint, and accessories camouflaged the biggest part of their differences The faeries ears came to a point, but were hidden by scarves, hats,hair and other adornments. If you weren't looking for faeries, they just looked like another tribe of relatives.
The band members, had arrived early on and were entertaining the guests, until all guests arrived. The Elders had convened on a bench inside the gazebo, and were talking among themselves. The weather was amicable, and everyone looked comfortable and relaxed. Patsy, and her family were seated on the left in front of the gazebo, and Viktoria and her family, were seated on the right in front of the gazebo. One of the Elders stood up from the bench in the gazebo and addressed the guests and then made introductions of the remaining Elders.

Brutus and Valentino, walked up to the gazebo, and took their place standing, to the right of the Elders bench. A solo flutist, played a gypsy wedding love song, as the bride, Szofi and her father,Sean, walked arm in arm through the middle of the guests on a colorful path of red rose petals leading to the gazebo.The brides gown was beautiful.She wore a traditional white gown with long lace sleeves that had pearls embroidered onto them.The bodice had pearls embroidered into the silk and the train and veil were lace with pearls randomly embroidered onto the delicate fabric.

Sean, hugged his daughter, then released her to stand next to Brutus. Brutus, took his intended to be, by the hand, and together, they walked up and stood in front of the Elders. Each elder, from left to right, gave a blessing, and a word of wisdom, as to the duties of a wife and husband in marriage. When the blessings, and council were received, each father was asked to give a blessing as well.

The mothers, Patsy and Viktoria,were then asked to join their husbands on the gazebo and hold their hands, as a sign of harmony. Brutus and Szofi, were both quite nervous, having never met or seen one another.The first elder, asked each of them to take their vows in good faith.Then when they agreed, the wedding vows and rings were exchanged.

Brutus, was allowed two lift the veil, that hid Szofis face. Brutus, found Szofi to be beautiful, beyond his wildest dreams.She had clear soft white skin, beautiful green eyes and long black eyelashes, lucious pink, full lips, and her oval face was encased in blonde curls.She was about his height and slender, like his mother.

Szofi, was quite taken by the handsome husband that stood before her. Brutus, gently kissed his wife, and lifted her hand into the air, as they both turned to each parent to take a bow and then to the audience. The bride and groom, walked down the aisle of rose petals together, followed by their parents and the Elders.They took a seat in the middle of a long table, the wedding table, where each of the bride and grooms parents would join them.Guests were allowed to visit and give their congratulations.Then the food and festivities began.

Szofi was tickled at the faerie tribe posing as humans, she greeted them excitedly. Brutus, thought her friends were a little strange. When the congratulations were over, friends of the bride and groom gave short speeches, and the band began to play a gypsy waltz for the bride and groom to begin the dancing.When others joined in the dancing, Chip made an appearance and surprised Selena by asking her to dance with him.Valentino, thought the boy and girl familiar, but did not pursue his was a time to celebrate!

The women, of both families pulled together the feast and served the guests, while the men of both families brought out vessels full of spirits to drink.

The evening was magical as the twinkling lights of the stars and fireflies lit up the sky. Brutus and his new bride, cut the beautiful cake made out of strawberries and cream that Patsy had made.

Szofi, threw out her bouquet of flowers, to a host of young women eager to catch the flowers and she threw her garter belt to a host of young men eager to obtain the garter belt as a sign of good fortune that they too would soon be married. Violet and Raj had the good fortune of catching the flowers and the garter belt. Valentino, noticed that Badger and Livia were disappointed that they had not caught the prized wedding treasures. He made a mental note to talk with Sean, about another future wedding arrangement. He found the boy to be much to his liking and good with horses, which would make him an asset to his family. Valentino, also had noticed that Szofi and Brutus seemed pleased with each other, the first of Valentino's matchmaking choices.

The two tinks were led by Victor, to the reception site. pulling the custom made vardo to pick up the bride and groom and the cart of gifts was tied to the back.. As was customary, the groom would drive his bride to a secluded place in the woods to consummate their marriage.

The send off was grand, the little children had tied tin cups to the wedding gift cart to clink and rattle and the young women had provided baskets of colorful flower petals for the guests to throw at the bride and groom. A group of young men, escorted the bridal carriage a short distance to a trail that led to the woods and and then returned to the festivities.

The drinking, gaeity, and dancing, lasted well into the wee hours of the morning. Many of the guests retired into their own vardos and caravans or tents. The faeries, morphed, back to their own miniature size and retired in the faerie garden, but not before thanking Viktoria, and the girls for inviting them to such a wonderful party. They also did a little magic and cleaned up the kitchen and put away the food.

The next morning, the household buzzed with preparations of breakfast. Flapjacks, eggs bacon, sausage, ham, biscuits, honey, jelly, potatoes, breads, coffee,juice and fresh fruits were served, then guests, began packing, and harnessing their animals to their carriages, vardos, and caravans to make the trek home.

The men moved all the tables and benches into an empty barn, but left the gazebo as a permanent fixture in the back yard..

Sean, approached Valentino, with an offer from Badger,for Livia;s hand in marriage. Valentino, agreed within a few years it would be a good union between the two families. They both had noticed the two were smitten with each other.

Uncle Bavaro, wanted to ask for Maerie's hand in marriage, but was concerned that their age difference might be a conflict with Maerie's family. Bavaro, approached Viktoria first, to ask her advice. Viktoria, had noticed that Bavaro, and Maerie seemed somewhat attracted to one another during their stay. She had seen, Bavaro, and Maerie, dance and then engage deep in conversation at the reception and had watched Maerie help out with Bavaro's two girls,Rosalie and Lilth. She was well aware that Maerie was old enough in age to be married, and was a delightful girl, but that she was concerned at how Valentino, would react.

Viktoria, promised she would approach Valentino, and get a take on his opinion. Bavaro, thanked Viktoria and waited most of the day before Viktoria and Valentino returned to speak with him together. Valentino and Viktoria told Bavaro that they both thought it could work out nicely. The three some went to the farmhouse and approached Sean and Patsy to make a proposal. Sean and Patsy, were surprisingly open to the idea, but wanted to visit with Maerie first, before accepting the proposal.

Maerie, was out at the faerie garden with Mariska and Violet, voicing her discontent about losing her sister Szofi. She actually seemed bereaved by the whole idea of being separated from her sister. Mariska and Violet and the faeries listened with heart felt compassion.

Mariska said if only she had another older brother... and Violet was wracking her brain to see if she could think of anyone in the tribe that would be right for Maerie to marry, if only they had more time before they had to leave. Both Mariska and Violet had really connected with Maerie, and Selena liked her too.

Patsy, called Maerie, from the front porch to come inside, she and her father needed to speak with her. Maerie, looked at her two friends in bewilderment, before going into the farmhouse. Her father, quietly asked her how she felt about getting married. She responded that yes. she would like to be married, but preferably into Valentino's tribe, so that she would not have to be distanced from her sister Szofi. Patsy perked up at her answer, and asked her how she would feel about marrying an older man that had already had two children? Maerie, exclaimed, you mean Bavaro? Sean and Patsy, said yes, he has asked for your hand in marriage, but we wanted to run it by you, before making a decision. Patsy, explained to her, that it might be difficult to live with a man who had a ready made family. The prospect of her having her own children one day, may also have to be delayed far into the future. Maerie, thought that Bavaro, was quite handsome and extremely nice, and his children seemed to like her... Yes... she said, I would like to marry Bavaro very much.

Sean, stepped out onto the back porch where Valentino, Viktoria and Bavaro had been waiting and invited them in to visit.Sean, began by accepting Bavaros, proposal and inquired as to how soon the wedding should take place. Bavaro, felt compelled to set a date immediately, as they had to go to market soon. Patsy, exclaimed, I think we could put this together by the day after tomorrow if all are in agreement with that?

Patsy and Viktoria took off with the planning and the men summoned the young men to help set up the tables and benches and Badger,Stefano and Raj were to take their ponies and try to catch up with the guests, before they traveled too very far and invite them back to the farmhouse for the next wedding.
Bavaro and Maerie were left sitting at the table, alone, both a little giddy, happy and stunned.

Mariska and Violet, wandered into an empty house, wondering where everyone had gone. The two girls went into the kitchen and saw Bavaro and Maerie conversing at the table. Bavaro stood up as they entered the kitchen and announced that he and Mearie, would be getting married day after tomorrow. Mariska, and Violet, both stood like frozen icicles at the shocking news. After digesting the words they had just heard, they lifted Maerie, out of the chair, and began dancing around the room with her. Bavaro, laughed at their joyfulnous.


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