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The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn- A fiction book about bible Prophecy

Updated on January 4, 2013

The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

The Holy Bible
The Holy Bible
The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn
The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn | Source

An ancient Prophecy-9-11

I have just read a book that had me riveted to my reading chair from the first page until the last and I am still reliving it in my mind. The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn is an absolute must read by all who care what is or may be right around the corner for our nation.

The wording on the front of the book alone would make you know it is worth the time spent reading it:

"Extaordinary", "Stunning", "Mind Blowing" by the likes of Pat Robertson, Joseph Farah and Sid Roth and the declaration: New York Times Best Seller, over 500,000 copies sold is enough to get my curiousity aroused. Then as I began to read I realized it is a fiction novel based on bibical scripture that appear to be connected to the happenings of the horrible attack on America --9-11.

Jonathan Cahn, through much research and knowledge of the Bible has created a novel that shows the likeness of the Isaiah 9:10 judgements and their relevance to Americas's events in the recent past and future. It is shocking and breathtaking. Every American needs to read this book.

The Harbringer begins with a man who has received a number of messages in the form of nine seals from a man who appears at unannounced times and places. Each seal holds a prophetic mystery concerning the future of America. Each message contains a connection between what happened in the book of Isaiah and events that have happened since 9-11-2001 when our World Trade Center was attacked.

I am sharing a video of an interview with th author as well as links to various websites where you can learn more about the book from the creator of it.

An interview with Jonathan Cahn

The Harbinger

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of The Harbinger


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