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Updated on July 31, 2014

“I have something very important to tell you”

Jude said as he came closer to her. His well-starched and ironed shirt hug tightly to his broad shoulders, easily outlining his muscular chest. Ms. Bello wore a short black mini-suit skirt which clipped her well-shaped enormous bosom showing her tantalizing sweet legs. A red top and a matching black jacket gave credence to her perfectly flat tummy and a chunk of her breast popped out from the tight-fitted top. A gold chain dazzled on her neck stuck inbetween her breast. Her long Brazilian hair and highlighted eyelashes made her look so slutty and chicky. Jude was a man on a mission and he knew exactly what he wants and how to get it. But this was a means to an end.

“What is it my handsome?”

Jude was devastated; he knew his end was near. This one mistake will bring a diminuendo to his blossoming life. But, Jude planned not to die alone, the thought of his beautiful wife and two lovely kids nearly gave him a heart attack. Is his wife already infected too?

“Oh! I am ruined” he moaned

He stood and paced around the gigantic parlour aimlessly. The light flooded the big and spacious parlour area as the air conditioner chilled the room. As dark as coal, even his eyesight has become blurred and his life is about to waste. A life, character and reputation he so meticulously built over the years is about to hit the rocks. It took him many years just to garner such reputation which is now at the brink of collapse; only for some minutes of devilish pleasure to capsize his world.

“He wouldn’t have gone for the checkup” Jude reasoned

Curiosity killed the cat!

If not for the fear in him and curiosity for safety that compelled him to check his HIV status, he would have had no anxiety in his life, at least not now.

“It would have been better not to find out at all than to know you are helplessly doomed. So sad to see one’s life snuffed out helplessly” he lamented within himself.

But that was a twisted reasoning. At least, he could do something now that it is not yet full-blown AIDS. But, what will he tell his wife? What will he tell her happened? How will he explain the affair to a most faithful woman who gave him all her trust? What will be the fate of his family? What if he had infected her? Will she ever forgive him? These thoughts erupted in Jude like an active volcano. He wished for death to rape him. He wanted the earth to open up and swallow him. He hated himself, life and everything in skirt.

“Daughters of eve with death beneath their skirts, journeying through the hearts of men to wreck havoc”

Jude’s hatred for Ms. Bello raced to a peak. He wished to strangle her with his bare-hands for bringing him such sorrow. He hated her with passion and thus, planned his revenge.

It was a beautiful Friday, just another Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF). Jude will have another romp and that will end the whole episode of his sad life. So, all through the day he kept flirting with Ms. Bello. She, oblivious of the latest situation of things blushed and giggled at him. They were the best of friends, so she thought.

“Hi handsome” Ms. Bello said, as she walked down the stairs. It was almost 6:00 PM, the two of them all alone in the office. It was routine for them to close late, but Jude has other things on his mind.

I have something very important to tell you”

Jude said as he came closer to her. His well-starched and ironed shirt hug tightly to his broad shoulders, easily outlining his muscular chest. Ms. Bello wore a short black mini-suit skirt which clipped her well-shaped enormous bosom showing her tantalizing sweet legs. A red top and a matching black jacket gave credence to her perfectly flat tummy and a chunk of her breast popped out from the tight-fitted top. A gold chain dazzled on her neck stuck inbetween her breast. Her long Brazilian hair and highlighted eyelashes made her look so slutty and chicky. Jude was a man on a mission and he knew exactly what he wants and how to get it. But this was a means to an end.

“What is it my handsome?”

she said in a most sweet voice looking him straight in the eyes. She was almost in his face as if to say come and get it boy’ Jude look more composed in his expensive black suit trouser and red necktie. The opened button of his suit allowed Ms. Bello to peer through his muscular body and flash through the two-headed muscle that lies on the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow. His almost transparent cotton shirt gave her a see-through of his sexy six packs – no! She saw just three of the packs. In all, he was a dashing handsome man and wickedly attractive too.

Before she could say a word, Jude dragged her by the cloth nearer to him, bent her a little and planted a hot kiss on her pinky lushy lips. She was taken by surprise and squimmed.

“Ouuuchh! That’s so romantic”

She blushed. It wasn’t long before they started fighting with their clothes like two sex-hungry-youngsters. They were still near the stairs that led to the down floor of the office building. Their thoughts were like a tank of fuel on fire, it raced up and down helplessly. Jude was forceful and in control. He threw his suit on the floor and pounced on her body. Ms. Bello dragged herself right into his hands with so much force you do think she was possessed. Desperate for each other like two lovers who had been on a week-long fasting, they practically tore away their clothes as lust took the better part of them. Right there on the floor of the office building and late at night, Jude did the unthinkable. With all his might and guts running carefree, Jude pressed her breast, pulled her hair and rough handled her. Ms. Bello was surprisingly enjoying every bit of it and cheered him on with her words. She begged for more and moaned desperately. She was a fan of rough sex. Jude tore her cloth and revealed a chunk of her big breast, he pounced on it forcefully. He feasted on it with so much force and hunger for what he saw was more than what he bargained. Ms. Bello shouted, twisted and moaned with great ecstasy. She was panting and screaming in delightful pleasure as Jude fed on her breast. It was like food; he cleaned every part of it with his tongue and pressed it harder as if it would be his last. She rubbed his chest and pulled him closer and closer until their bodies exchanged the glistening sweat that had covered their bodies. Ms. Bello gave all of herself to him like someone in love and without restriction – maybe she was in love. Fully naked, she twisted and turned on the bare floor in screams and moans. Jude was busy biting, squeezing and kissing every part of her body. He wanted to have a fill of all of her without guilt knocking at his heart. He carried her near the counter facing her office and pinned her to the floor. It was a desperate sex act never seen before. He impaled her on the floor and rammed into her with all his might. Each thrust soaked with hatred and lust going deeper and deeper in pleasurable gestures until he lost his mind. It was furious, heated, but slow and lasting. Jude got every moment of it covered. He pounded mercilessly as his desires flushed out of his system. She cried and moaned sweet rubbish as her body rocked the moment. After many long minutes, the sweaty battle was over and each was satisfied.

“That was mind-blowing. You nearly killed me. Now, I feel like sleeping here” Ms. Bello whispered into his ears. Both of them lay on the floor exhausted.

“haha” Jude let out a mild laugh.

After some minutes, the two lovebirds stood up to put on their clothes.

“Please, spend the night in my house tonight” she begged Jude.

Jude laughed more and came nearer to her from the back. Then he lifted her from the back off the floor and dropped her just like a baby. She laughed and giggled like a ten year old. He circled his arms around her from the back and whispered into her ears “Thank you, Angel. You are the sweetest thing ever”

And with quick movement, he turned and twisted her neck. Her neck snapped as she crashed to the floor stone dead. Jude looked at her naked body on the floor and felt no guilt. Just about same time, Jude reached for the pistol in his office bag and blasted away. His brain gushed on the floor mixed with blood. He lay on the floor naked and lifeless. Mission accomplished!

Jude was already crying— and they call it tears of joy. He was crying and smiling and his mouth was already watered with saliva. Even his cheeks drowned with streams of tears. His hands were trembling and his eyes gazed at a particular line on the Lab result. In fear and desperation coupled with curiosity and pain, he had mistakenly overlooked the name written on the Lab result in his hand.

The name ’Mr. Jude Mathews’ was boldly inscribed on the name column.

“What the hell is this?” his mind busted in a circle of relief and tension. He was not yet convinced and thought that the tears must have blurred his vision. He wiped his eyes again and again then looked at the address.

“No. 44 Lekki phase One, Lagos.” Jude nearly fainted. His heart pounding like a man who ran a 10Km race and his thoughts were running zigzagly wild and on fire. He went from fear to rage. That was clearly not his house address and definitely not his name!

“How could someone make such a devilish mistake? Oh! God, I thank you for giving me another chance and for your mercies.”

He cried as tears ran down his cheeks. Jude stamped his feet on the floor and bust out in a most victorious song. He danced and whined happily in great joy. He knelt down, brought his palms together as if to clap and raised his head heavenwards in thankfulness. His eyes closed as he shouted grace and gratitude over and over again.

He was grateful that his name was Jude Amadi and not Jude Mathews. What difference a name can make! He prayed and shouted with tears streaming down his cheeks. He was more grateful than a man who survived a fatal plane crash. Everything seemed to him like a very bad dream.

Jude Amadi could not mouth his gratitude. Even words failed to express his happiness. He just fell on the floor and sobbed without stop. He wailed and sobbed just like a baby.

As he entered his bedroom that fateful night, he took a good look at his sleeping wife on the bed, paused and stared continuously, his mind burdened with many unanswered questions. He wondered, what would have become of her if he had contracted HIV? He thought about his lovely kids, how would they have coped and what would have become of them? Salty tears rolled down his cheeks once more as he took a deep breath, swallowed a chunk of bitter saliva down his throat and exhaled deeply. Quietly, he cuddled near his wife and spread the bed cover over her and planted a kiss on her lips. He lay next to her thinking of what would have become of his beautiful wife. He contemplated on his own mistakes and the revenge he had planned. He would have ended it all.

The doorbell startled him; it was already 6:30 AM in the morning. He came so early in the morning that you do think there was an emergency. Yes! There was actually an emergency.

“I am so sorry, Mr. Jude. There was a mix-up with the lab result. The Lab attendant made a critical error and …”

“It’s ok, Doc. All is well. Here is the lab result you gave me earlier.” He handed him the paper.

“Yes, this is for you. Actually, the test result confirmed you are negative. Sorry for the inconveniences.” The Doctor, pleaded.

Jude was just speechless. If the Doctor knew the battle he had faced, the sleepless night and the many burden[s] this error fed his soul, he would have understood the saying ‘to be a man is not a day’s job’

Jude folded the correct lab test after taking a good look at it to avoid another error, locked the door and went upstairs.

That morning, he resigned his appointment for all good. His wife was as confused as Ms. Bello at the office. Jude lived with the secret of his affairs with Ms. Bello and placed it at the darkest region of his heart. Even though it pricked him, he swore to die rather than live should such temptation come his way ever. As the days passed-by, Jude relocated to the United States of America with his family and lived happily ever after. But, he never forgot the near-death experience Ms. Bello dashed him.

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A piece of creative writing by
Alexander Thandi Ubani
©®Copyright 2014
A Poet, Playwright, Writer and Thespian


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