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The Hierarchy of Bloods Reign

Updated on January 19, 2014

Ocean's Bleed

(c)Kathy Allen 2011
(c)Kathy Allen 2011

Hierarchy of Bloods Reign

In no wonder did youth bring her no fear
A little girl lost in a void, fake world alone
Grew up with false beliefs of life and death
One in the same in her eyes as she grew
Far beyond the years of her mind, her soul bled

Red ran fast and hard through youth torrid
Horror and fake follies, danced demons real
Unreal was her sight, only to chance a glance
Into the future did a lost soul wander to find nothing
Faster did she fall until bound arms reached from within

Walls of confined feelings, hearts black and red
When lost souls, blending into one, made real
Found, too far, stealing candy from a baby
That man that rules from the unseen thrown
Woman, behind him, wicked, loving, shining, hating

Sorrow behind a east winds gale, finds it’s way
Life on the alter of madness, prey comes with red
Worry not, the night is day, the day is night
No separation of either, make a matter
Take it through rough terrain and blast the ground

Too deep to feel, too bright to see, if it’s real
Into a backdrop of a blue oceans wave, blinding
Future rids horror the blind cannot fathom
Forty nights my blood rose to boil, thirst
Power trips hierarchy, trickle away, they’ll lose

(c)Kathy Allen 2010

Hierarchy of Bloods Reign

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    • Katharella profile image

      Katharella 6 years ago from Lost in America

      Thank you Adam, ah, I remember writing this piece, and tears streaming as I wrote, but it came out like.. well, it flowed, but not smooth. Hard to explain, I felt the same as I made the above art. As someone answered in my poll "uneasy," I put that there to know if anyone understood what it felt like to go through life wondering if my/their mind is teetering on that alter of madness. Maybe when you are thinking these things for yourself, your life, write "words" down, without putting them into an order. Random over page, maybe typing paper. Stand back look at them, and see how you feel about them. Maybe your time to understand yourself.. won't take up too much time. Thank you for your kind words, as obvious, life has not been so kind :)

    • What Is Q profile image

      Adam 6 years ago from Tennessee

      Hi, Kathy. This is a well written piece. Great wording. I especially liked the line 'life on the alter of madness'. I sort of have a thing for madness and I've spent a lot of time trying to understand it. I find it beautiful in a way. So nicely done.