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The High Call

Updated on February 15, 2013

High Call


Victory Song

What a day it’s been, growing up in defeat

Summer nights, winter months

Someone help me please

Only now can I see the light

I’m not meant to fade out

Oh! I need some light now

Smiling eyes, breaking hearts

All around I relive

So I run just to see

Someone help me please!

From the distance oh! I now can see

What glory what beauty I have for a name

Happy feet, dancing me

I know now, I believe

Destiny danced with me

Oh! I feel ten feet tall

Smiles and charm the hallmark of his grace

I’ve seen the light

Yes! I can see. I am free!!!

Walking to the high call

Running through the plain

Living as the beacon

Soaring in his strength

Greetings in the valleys

Beckons from the hills

Walking to the high call

Soaring in his strength

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