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The Highway of Uncertainty and Happiness- a poem

Updated on July 29, 2013
Copyright- Nick Wolf
Copyright- Nick Wolf

'The Highway of Uncertainty and Happiness'

Life is like an unknown highway

Many times I'm driving with the feeling of uncertainty

It's as if I'm driving in confusion and fear

Other times, I'm driving with happiness and positivity

It's like I'm driving along a beautiful coast

It's sunny and I feel a nice sea breeze

It's refreshing

The scent of the sea is peaceful

I'm enjoying the drive

But as I look ahead, I see a traffic jam;

Causing confusion to set in

I begin to hear sirens

There's a police officer quickly directing traffic to another road

There's fear in the officer's eyes

I ask, "Sir, what's going on?"

"There's danger ahead" he replies

With confusion, I turn on the road

I follow the trail of cars

We enter a dark tunnel

It gets foggy

I'm scared

I have no clue what's happening

My anxiety level heightens

I get out of the tunnel

But the cars in front of and behind me have vanished

They're gone

Nowhere to be seen

"What is going on?

Where am I?"

I feel like I'm in the middle of nowhere

"Where is this deserted highway taking me?"

The sun has disappeared

The sky is filled with dark clouds

All around me is foggy

I keep driving along this unknown road

I begin to realize that the outside temperature is dropping drastically

The outside air is getting cold

The air fills with heavy gushes of wind

The sky begins to thunder

It begins to downpour with rain

I keep driving

My confusion, fear, and anxiety increase

The rain pours down harder

The thunder rumbles louder

The streaks of lightening begin to flash across the sky above me

I look ahead and there's a "Dead End" sign

With more confusion, I approach the end of the road

"Where am I?

Is this a dream?"

An officer with a raincoat suddenly appears by the sign

He directs me to turn left onto a road

"Officer, what is going on?" I ask

"Drive along this road, There is peace and beauty ahead" he replies

With uncertainty, I turn left

I enter a tunnel

I see light

"Looks, like sunshine." I think to myself

I enter the light

Next thing I know, I'm driving along the beautiful coast again

I once again feel the peaceful sea breeze

A smile goes across my face

As I breath in the ocean air

And see the cars reappear around me

"I must of been trapped in my own head" I say to myself

-Nick Wolf 5/13/2013


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