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The Holy Trinity Candles

Updated on April 11, 2019
Diane Denison profile image

Do You Ever Take A Walk Into Hard Times, And Feel Your Deep In Quick Sand? Christ Is With You. "The Trinity Walk" It Is A Blessed Walk.~

My Altar Prayer

On A Warm Spring Day

I Woke Up On The First

Beautiful Day Of Spring

Nature Invited Me To Come

Out And Play.

I Walked Outside And

Saw A Yellow Jacket

Fly By My Face.

And I Saw Yellow

Dandelions Swaying

Gently In The Fresh

Spring Air.

I Knew Then

Birth Of Babies Of

Nature Was Happening

It Was As Though

Nature Was Sharing

With Me,

The Holy Communion

Of Birth.

Gods Spring Time

Creation Was Being

Born Now.

I Wanted To Join In

On The Celebration Of

Of The Communion Birth

Of Nature.

It Is So Holy.

Something Steered

In Me To Walk To

A Church

To Celebrate

The Innocent

And Purity

Of Life,

With Christ.~~~

I Do Not Belong

To Any Church

But My Love,


Was Every Second Of The Day

I Seemed To Always Play

In The Holy Spiritual Plane.

I Truly Feel I Am Dancing,

With Christ

And He Is Standing Next

To Me,

And At Times Dancing

With Me.~~~

I Go To A


To Show My Full,

Honor And Love That Burns Deep Within Me.

I Bow Down With Full Honor Too

God, Christ, And To The

Holy Trinity


For Some Odd Reason

I Heard Holy Whispers

Steering Me To The

Church Door.

I Walked In

Did My Cross

Dipping My Three

Fingers Into The

Holy Water.

And I Put A Cross

On My Forehead

And On Top Of

Each Hand.

Then Being Playful

Then Being Playful

I Splashed Holy

Water On My Face.

Enjoying The Holy Play

With God, Christ, And Mary

I Took A Handful

Of Holy Water That

Is Blessed By Priest

Honoring God,

I Splashed It On

My Clothes.

Then I Did My Cross

And Walked Down The Aisle

Toward The Altar.

I Got To The Altar

And I Bowed Down

And I Said The ,"Lords Prayer."

After My Prayer Of Love

To Christ And

The Holy Trinity,

In Full Honored

Kissed The Altar Floor.

I Was Kissing The Feet

Of Christ,

With Tears Of Love

Running Down

My Face.

Something Steered

Up Inside Me,

To Walk And Light The Holy Candles.

And I took A Stick And Lit It.

Playfully, Once Again

I Decided To Lite Three Candles.

And I Named It,

"The Holy Trinity Candles

Of Prayer."

I Prayed To Christ The

Ruler Of The Universe,

To Bless This Church

And To Help All

Who Comes To Bath

In The Holy Trinity

Of Gods Love For

All He Created.

From That Day On

When I Walk Into


I Will Perform

"The Holy Trinity

Candle Prayer."

Honoring Christ

And The Holy Trinity Power

Of God.

Thanking God

Each Time

For His Intense


For All He Created.~~~


AMEN ~ ~ ~


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