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The Hounds of Xerxes

Updated on April 25, 2013

Hounds of know what to do...where to go...your efforts mean utter destruction upon everything you sink your teeth into,

The worlds edges doubt your existence...but they hear your howls...your armies follow behind you with Xerxes following close,

Your growl will most indefinitely cause a rumble that washes waves over your victims to be....the wealth of nations pouring their gold into your coffers,

But you don't compel yourself to choose to guard the vested insecurities of the people within the Persian empire.

Will you let them free oh hounds of Xerxes...your breath foul like the wetlands of the crimean river...reserved carnage on every level of the mountains,

Have you no remorse for the flowers nor the plants that quiver beneath your heavy feet...your step destruction that ripples across the land,

The heat from your body warms the earth like a volcano slowly melting the ground amongst it's liquid rock,

Hounds will you slide past peacefully...let us humans rediscover ourselves without your presence abound...fear has no culture.

We have come to fear your resounding ways...your taxes wear heavy our burdens of no self defense...why will you not tread lightly,

Domination and recollective Quinta... Forward you march your armies with yield only for the promise of wealth and popularity,

But what popularity will you gain when you vow self mutilation of culturaldecentralization...the vowels of the alphabet even shake when around you,

The people want this no more...the Greek armies want to defy you...they are the only ones capable...mere citizens of the free will fall Xerxes...your hounds will never more abide by you.


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