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The House That Love Didn't Build

Updated on April 22, 2017
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Juliet Austin- Is an aspiring Writer she enjoys writing poetry, her favorite poet's are William Wordsworth, Claude McKay, and Maya Angelou.

Personal picture  you may not use duplicate, depict likeness without written permission from the owner.
Personal picture you may not use duplicate, depict likeness without written permission from the owner.

The House That Love Didn't Build.

By: Juliet Stewart

I walked with you Today, as you surveyed
your house of sage, olive drab lined
the outside trim, invitingly so.
white rock hugged the base and up outer post
It's a beautiful house settled amidst scruffy Oak trees.
Majestic pine nestles low fruit bearing Mistletoe,
with red berries at their roots.

An Ode to nature.

I stood watching you beaming with pride and so it ought to be
A memory fills my mind of a time
and another place. The trees though reminiscent
Another house, regal with whitewashed trim,
and layered red brick, plantation.
Young oak Tree surrounded thus.
The house that love, once built.

Now as I stand and watched a smile escapes
once sinister lips, pride in yet another accomplishment
as I watch the sparkle in your eyes.
Your happiness contagious.

It's a beautiful house,
amidst nature, this house, your house
The house that Love didn't build.

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