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The Hummingbirds Trail

Updated on April 24, 2017
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Juliet Austin- Is a Retired Rehabilitation Counselor, she loves Nature walks, and Writing for Hubpages.

by: Juliet Stewart- Austin

(Children's Book)

I sat and watched a hummingbird today,
it's tiny wings flapping as it suckled honey from my rose bush.

Through the open window, I saw its colors of blue, green, yellow, gray, and black. Together blending beautifully, nowhere starting or ending visible.


In watching that hummingbird Today.

I fell into ponderous thought's of the hand's that must have created such, exquisitely!

As I wondered to myself, and for minute thoughts did rummage through my head, that if indeed Hummingbirds existed!
Then surely indeed faeries must exist.

With gladness, I concluded, that within the faerie's tiny world this beautiful bird, was created for them to enjoy.

I thought aloud that since fairies did exist.

The rain puddles in the yard are tiny stream's that trickle over a pebble, and rocks and you see must be the fairies glorious waterfall.

And as I watched the hummingbird some more, as it dipped its little beak to take a drink, from my lilac and jasmine bloom, it's color started to blur.

I thought, oh yes Indeed I'll tell my tale of why these beautiful little birds came to be. That the wee People, in faerie land, helped the creator with his plan.

To create a faerie wonderland, which mirrored ours in its design.

With tiny trees, bearing delicious fruits, and pebbles and rock's in tiny streams with tiny minnow's swimming past.

Within the grass hidden from view, tiny houses where fairies lived.

And in the shelter of the Lilac bush. Little Bank's, Hospitals and Factories too. A Baker, a Barber, and a Ballerina sure, and Firemen and of course Farmers to tend the crops.

And as I thought a gasp, escaped!

We must be careful how we step, in tall grass and among the weed's, so as not to crush the tiny houses we cannot see.

As I looked a little closer still at the Hummingbird in view.

Now, up against the clinging roses that adorn my windowsill.

A closer look and I could see, and on it's back I must confess.

A tiny faerie sat just so.

Her wing's of gold and her dress of blue, with tiny red lip's and eyes of brown, she smiled at me and waved as they flew past.

Holy cow!

I whispered under my breath, Faeries did exist.

I leaned out my window for a closer look.

My eyes bulging, and my mouth wide open, there sat a Faerie on the Hummingbirds back.

Hummingbirds are faerie favorite pet, they transport faerie's from place to place.
Now it all made sense in the grand scheme of things.

When you see a pebble laying about, do not kick it or throw it about,
it marks the spot in the Forest where faerie's hunt, live and work.

If you want to see a Faerie and a hummingbird too, leave them a little sugar water, and hang it high from the branch of a tree, or plant a rosebush or two maybe a Sunflower or a few.

Plant some columbines, daylilies, and lupines in flower beds, foxgloves and hollyhocks, around the yard, and the hummingbird you see will come to drink thirstily.

Year after Year, they will come, with a Faerie riding on it's back.

So next time you are about in the Summer time just lazing around.
look for a hummingbird with color's green, blue, yellow, Gray and black.
I'm sure you will see a tiny faerie on it's back as it flaps it's tiny wings and flies away.

Dedicated to my Grandson Romeo, who still dreams and imagines

Copyrighted @ Prose Of Molly 05-10-2011

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws.


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