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The Importance of Sleeping prior to Dawn Writing

Updated on December 26, 2013

The importance of Sleep prior to dawn writing

There is a lot more in play here that influences your productivity in writing. One of the things that can influence your productivity in writing is the time that you choose to write.

Normally at your peak stage in writing, the mind is elevated to that point where you sort of disconnect with your environment or puts you on another plane that totally unplugs you from the major influences of the society. The best time to achieve this psychological status is at dawn. It is no wonder why the best time that most writers like me prefer to write is at dawn. Writing at dawn can be very helpful in churning out more ideas. You get to keep to yourself and your own thoughts. You can also write so well and confidently because at that time, one gets to break away from all major societal and psychological influences that sometimes may even hinder the writer’s thinking ability or thought pattern. Writing at dawn therefore allows you to speak or write in your own voice. At dawn, reading also becomes very easy. Your mind is freshened up especially after you wake up from a good night’s sleep. And with a sharpened retentive memory, you will not only be able to easily arrange your ideas properly but also you get the chance to easily notice and rectify grammatical and spelling mistakes. This enhances your rate and accuracy in editing your drafts for publishing. In fact the best time to prepare your draft for publishing is at dawn. At dawn, with a fresh and energized mind, you can read and edit well with very much awakened senses.

As much as most writer’s like me prefer to write at dawn, any one who wishes to write or adopt this time to write will be well advised to sleep the night before waking up at dawn to write. When you do not sleep the night before and continue writing deep into the night without any sleep or rest, you may end up very tired. When the mind gets tired, it becomes very difficult to connect to the appropriate psychological plane or your true conscience that allows you to churn the ideas you need. And this basically leads to a writer’s block. The tiredness in the body as well as in your mind makes it difficult for your thoughts to flow. The tiredness in the body and back alone after sitting for long hours without resting can make you feel uncomfortable to write. The following article will therefore discuss some good reasons why sleeping prior to dawn writing is very important and why it should in fact be considered as part of the writing process


You need energy to think]

The brain needs energy to function properly. Writing is a mind work and it involves a lot of thinking. In fact it’s a thinking process which even requires more energy than the conventional way of thinking as some amount of energy is still required to put out your thoughts – that is by writing or typing to be able to share your thoughts with another person (the reader). As thinking can drain you of much energy than even in physical work, the best way to replenish your energy (both physically and psychologically) is to have a good sleep after thoroughly exploring your thoughts and ideas. In fact you will be well advised to consider sleeping as part of your work or the writing process because sleeping not only relaxes the mind but heals the brain and improves your thinking ability. If you do not allow the brain enough time to relax or recover its energy through sleep, you would be overworking your brain hence impair your own ability to think properly and in a straight forward manner. The more energy the brain has, the more it functions properly and the more ideas occur to you naturally. The brain has its own capacity to operate. The brain works much like the computer. As you think and write you also continue to learn. More ideas and information continues to pile up or get saved temporarily on your short term memory. At some point in time, it gets full of ideas which make it very difficult for you to even come up with more ideas as that part of the brain now can’t receive any incoming information. When you sleep, you get to free that part of your memory and allow it space to receive more ideas. That’s how most of us are able to wake up with solutions to most problems after sleep.

Over stressing the brain has the potential of depriving the writer of ideas. When you over stress the brain, you are unable to think properly and this could affect your writing greatly. The more energy the brain has in order to function properly, the more your fluency, both in speech and writing is able to improve as one writes. You need energy to think. You need enough energy to help you escape the physical plane. In fact when the brain becomes tired your mind is put in a state of confusion. Depriving yourself sleep, as writer can actually make you experience the writer’s block. You can’t actually think of anything or you in fact start to experience a state of confusion in your mind whereby you are not very sure of what to write down. You have so many conflicting ideas evolving out of stress. When the brain is tired, you may have an idea but wouldn’t even have the appropriate words to express them. It’s easier to come up with words when you have a much more relaxed mind which can be attained after taking a good nap.

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