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The Influential Gangster.

Updated on June 14, 2020

( continued from , THE HONEST POLICEMAN )

The police were searching of the whereabouts of this gangster but in real sense and utmost sincerity, not all the police were honest in this searching. Some knew where Lokande was hiding, while some other policemen had a second sim card to inform Lokande of the steps of the army.

They were divided, and it was not because of fear, but he promised them part of the wealth he illicitly acquired . The police will go to his house, chat with him about some illegal business and have coffee with him. The ordinary army a side, The police commanders, corporals and sergeants among other senior army officials were his utmost allies.

SERGEANT: Wow, sir your house looks good.
LOKANDE: Hhh, are you humiliating me or what?
SERGEANT: ( gets terrified at that question) No sir, but what sir? Am praising you.
LOKANDE: Relax sergeant (he stands up) I want to be the richest man and do you know how?
LOKANDE: It is the police who will make me rich (takes a sip at his coffee) You know sergeant, there are many gangsters in Chennai.
SERGEANT : Yes sir , others deal in drugs, others in women trafficking and others in stealing cars (he stands up and walks towards Lokande) but Lokande sir, you are the greatest.
LOKANDE: (smiles) I like the praise, but Sergeant I erected a large bar, and I want to sell girls, ladies, all there.
SERGEANT : Sir, you want to sell girls, but how? (asks in curiosity)
LOKANDE: Foolish, I will transact from their body, they are going to be my commodity.
SERGEANT: Oooh (he laughs in a silly way) I got it now, I have understood.

In a few years to count, Lokande rose to prominence. His illegal affairs was booming and bringing in millions of dollars each month. Gambling companies, drug dealing companies in his name, trafficking and holding as captives of women, all these, among many including kidnapping of politicians was his professional robbery.

He immersed a lot of wealth, he became the rich he once told the sergeant, Lokande was now at his peak. Married to a cute Indian lady, the type of Khan-like and with a four year old daughter but still he was the Lokande we knew a decade ago. Slaying men, raping women kidnapping people, nothing changed about him, even after the arrival of his beautiful daughter, Zamzam.

To him a Lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass was more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.

Lokande could claim to be a real threat to Chennai but for him, Chatur Singh was at his throat destroying all what he made up in the country, setting ablaze his companies.

LOKANDE : Hello colonel, why can’t you do something about your captain? (angry)
COLONEL: Oo brother Lokande, there is no greetings?
LOKANDE: (interrupt angrily) Hell with your greetings. Listen do you know what he did to me ?
COLONEL: Brother what has he done?
LOKANDE: Forget that (furious) that man is my enemy and I have to stop him. Why is he bombing my buildings?
COLONEL: But how will you stop him?
LOKANDE : His days are coming to an end.
COLONEL: (he stands up) Wait Lokande, you want to murder him.
LOKANDE: Of course every barking dog has its own day.
COLONEL: Listen Lokande you can’t do that, Chatur has many supporters here, if you kill him, there will be riots everywhere, the government will be at stake.
LOKANDE: Good, then transfer him to another city.

The plan to kill Chatur Singh in Chennai was defeated , transfer into a distant land was approved. It was the cleverest of ideas. That night, hardly could Lokande close his eyes, leave alone sleeping.

All over Chennai were the siren of ambulances rushing the injured of the bomblasts in Lokande’s apartments to the hospitals. Fire brigade were all present to rescue those who were there during the attack.

Lokande could no longer tolerate and he burst into a loud cry in the midst of the night. They rushed to the crying of their father. Zamzam now at her puberty stage was the main sympathizer of her father’s demolished property. Tears after tears, she was mourning.

ZAMZAM: (crying voice) Dad, why can’t you do something about him, he is now sleeping laughing at us.
LOKANDE: ( moving closer to his daughter) My daughter I promise he is gong to pay and he will regret it one day.

(To be continued )

© 2020 Fawzan Studio


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