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The Inner Person of the Heart

Updated on August 19, 2016

Longest Distance

It isn’t the east from the west

nor the north to south!

The orifice of heaven and earth can’t grasp.

Too buried to gibe, too commodious to grab.

Which of the two foresee?

Which of the two shall charge?

On aberration repeatedly brought to pass!

On the other hand, who procure to be rewarded?

When soul received a great reward.

Keen is the human if he ponders on life.

Sensible is he, if steps are meditated day and night.

For he perceives that heart is delusive and perplexed.

Ought momentous contemplation and upper hand.

No matter how many times you reckon and resolve.

There are always miscalculation.

Why? For there are things that designed to be hidden for us.

To conceive that there is a mind higher than we have,

and that we’re merely a biped.

Consequently, if hearts and minds are ambivalent.

Which can be trusted?

Though it is flawed, perverted, and double minded.

Still these are our foremost instrument.

These were given by the Sovereign

Who hold us accountable to use with enlightenment.

Though these two were often contradictory,

They were actually bosom buddy.

Disguised as serpent but naive as dove.

A closet to open, an enigma to unclothe.

Wisdom is acquired if you are patient.

Even change on one self is a voyage.

Knowing that hearts and minds are connected.

No matter how distant the transit.

It shall come like a bed of roses.


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    • profile image

      rhoda 16 months ago

      You are right, change in one's heart is a voyage...Thank You!