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The Irony of Spring (2008)

Updated on September 23, 2013

The Irony of Spring

Into spring but I am still in thirst

Quenching myself though I’m not the first

I can feel the nascent wind of blossoms

But I cannot apprehend it’s summons

It is the notoriety of the season’s alias

A name not apparent but in the pious

It seemed bygone when it reappeared

Spluttering sprinkles of sunny days seared

As if we saw it as the rainbow of twelve

Never unbecoming, and to gay it’ll delve

Oh what it is that is so apparent yet gray

How did we not see it becometh the day

Of galore in the fore and unruly unseen

Of shimmer of the ray and cogent clean

We missed it, we thought we comprehended

The rationale with which I apprehended

I came to my senses to the acerbic real

What I realized, like many, in mere denial

Should it had been sheer sight we would

See beyond the light’s projected good

Alas! Have we, have we reached there

Where we can look beyond the drear?


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