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The Ass Named Earl

Updated on July 8, 2017

"The King And I"

This is for my baby and me you see
Today he's dressed emaculately
Yesterday a Warlock although truth be told Warlock and Witches wear everyday clothes
He was amused
And rightfully so

As People looked for but couldn't see
The beauty that in you I see
They looked past you craning their necks
Ahh, but I watched as you shyly craned
looking nervously around for me

If anyone sees my Baby send him home to me
On the Thames seated verandah overlooking boats
A stagecoach robbery just occurred
And work he must

My King needs me just as I need him
Beautiful dark eyes framed by long lashes
If you perhaps see him send him home to me

Please choose carefully
He has a Brooklyn accent
That he does
Although he say's Manhattan
I say bullocks

He is FBI,CID, or some such identifier
An A.P.B alert yes dear an S.O.S.
Please my Baby is missing red alert
Behind that awful no privacy desk
A nerd, a clown, a joker he is
I would die a happy Woman you see
If he is single and hehem!
Send him post haste

The Money trail can wait
Beautiful dark eyes framed now by shades
a signet ring of silver diamond encrusted
A Cartier watch from when he was Unconditional Love

To my Children if a song a movie or a Book a play you will need a Copyright Lawyer for everything. My Love is an Investment Banker on him you can rely.

Copyrighted laws in place.

Hacking someones writing is illegal and carries copyright Laws that are in place as copyrighted on Hubpages, Facebook, here recently. Know the legal ramifications of internet Fraud and hacking it is a Federal offense.


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