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The Literary "Hall of James" Favorite Fictional Characters /Miss Clara

Updated on June 27, 2023
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James is an avid reader who likes characters with distinct qualities.

The War Room (cover photo)
The War Room (cover photo) | Source

Hall of James Summary

The ‘no last name fame gang’ is a select circle. They are those who are instantly known by just their first name or nickname. The names Tiger and the Babe show this from the sports realm. Madonna and Elvis are examples from the music genre. Rare is the fictional character who comes along and immediately inserts their identity into the ‘no last name fame gang’. However, Miss Clara should soon join the ranks of Hawkeye from the “Last of the Mohicans” as a fictional no last name fame gang member.

Character Miss Clara

Story The War Room

Author Chris Fabry et al

M.i.s.s. C.l.a.r.a.

A good family endured some bad times. The husband and wife, Tony and Elizabeth, along with their daughter Danielle were the type of family whose house and family held out enormous curbside appeal. But once inside, their home didn’t look so good. Miss Clara earned her no last name fame status by helping to resurrect house and home.

The best way to describe this lady is with her name. To that end, an acronym is most fit for the purpose.

Prayer Corner

A real life "war room."
A real life "war room." | Source



Miss Clara is a person with passion. She knows her raison d'être is larger than herself. Her purpose isn’t determined by an appointment recognized by title but rather an anointment revealed through trial. She gets up each day ready to complete any divinely inspired unfinished business.

This praying powered pugilist is no lone warrior. She has a nearby family who adores her, friends who meet with her every week, and her church. A not surprising result of her efforts was that in taking care of Kingdom business, somehow Kingdom took care of her business.


The Scriptures contain a reference in the New Testament that tells believers to stir up their gift. ( 2 Timothy 1:60) Miss Clara's gift began to shake up the lives of Elizabeth, her husband Tony and daughter Danielle immediately.Their lives would take a rocky but straight forward path for the better after having met her.

The sincerest form of faith flattery is faith imitation. The heretofore blessed but stressed family took on Miss-Claraesque ways. They too established their own war room, battle strategies and goals. And, they too would come to see the results.


The venerable prayer warrior is a deep thinker. However not like the philosophical wise man who sits atop the mountain giving witty retorts to questions asked about the secret of life. Instead, she sees how she fits into God’s scheme of things.

Miss Clara understands that the Lord did not stamp some super powerful ability unique to her but rather the power with which she works is available to all those who will submit. She is attuned to when the Lord speaks to her. And, more importantly, she acts on it.


Her story is called “War Room” for a reason. She declares war on the devil. Given that she is a military veteran’s widow, her warrior instincts doesn't come as a surprise. She is tactical and fanatical in her battle against what the Apostle Paul deemed as spiritual wickedness in high places.

Coffee Time



She cares. She cares about people before she meets them. Miss Clara thought enough of her prayer protégé to ponder her needs before they met. She prayed blessings for the buyers of her house with the same fervor (or more) that she requested for her own needs. The writers could have just as easily named her Miss Care-a. Or not.


Make no mistake about it: Miss Clara is an older woman. She feels her age on occasion. However, this doesn’t stop her from doing her duties. Don’t expect to see her whittling her time away in a rocking chair.


It is an especially gutsy move when someone who desperately needs to leave their house ask personal and uncomfortable questions to their realtor upon first meeting her. This is what she did. However, this is simply vintage Miss Clara to let the fall out fall where it may.

She has no fear as it relates to the name of Jesus. She would later demonstrate this in what may not come across as the most realistic scene in the book or movie.


Miss Clara is righteous as opposed to self-righteous. She is aware that her faith and prayer life has not always been as it is. Furthermore, she understands that she isn’t the one with all the answers but know who to ask for the answers.


She is for real. The love shown, humility displayed and energy bursting through comes from the heart. She is one that reminds those in the know of real life motivated, mission driven matrons. The best thing about Miss Clara is that people like her inhabit the real world.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2015 James C Moore


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