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The Journey of the Soul

Updated on October 13, 2011

This series of poems represents my interpretation of our experience from one lifetime to the next. I believe that at the incarnation of every human experience we gather with our soul group to discuss and plan how the experience will unfold. I believe that we meet many souls along our life journey and each and every one of them, no matter how long or how short they stay, make such an impact on who we are and where we are headed.

Mothers, fathers, friends and lovers are all part of our soul group whether their part is positive or negative. They are there to assist us in our spiritual evolution and us in theirs. We set up the chance meetings and random encounters before the experience in order to fulfill that which we have set out to accomplish.

I have attempted to capture the experience between two lovers who have followed each other through many lifetimes; to call, to meet and to reunite in order to complete the cycle of true, intimate self expression. And within this cycle we bond and create the experience that will ultimately bring us to our final destination. And through it all we learn the most precious of lessons.

The lesson of unconditional love

The Call of the Souls

Like a thief in the night you pursue her
She hears your masked call
The unit of oneness beckons to the night
For consolation is in the connection

Lifetimes she has lived
To be cradled in your strength
Dreams she has chased
To find you waiting there for her

Just as summer gives way to autumn's chill
Her spirit sleeps in your absence
But the heart burns endless,
strong and resolute
Waiting for you to claim her

She is in the very air that you breathe
For life cannot be sustained without her.
Her pain is endless,
for she too carries it

Always she is with you
just as she has from the beginning.
Soul to soul and heart to heart
She casts her tears to the wind
and they are carried to you in dreams
for in dreams is where she holds you

Her mortal eyes cannot see you
but she knows that you are there.
The memory of you is the warmth that shrouds her

Look for her, for she is there
Arms wide open.


The Meeting of the Souls

A slow moon rises over the horizon
The shadows come out to play
Voices are carried on the wings of air
That travel to the place where time stands still

Awaiting at the precipice
A lone figure stands
Where another lesson is waiting to be learned

The stage is set
The pieces are moving
He waits to pursue her

His need to possess, his desire to touch
He feels her in the breeze
That rises gently over the hills
And guides his steps towards destiny

Each step he makes
Each breathe he takes
Brings him closer

Lithe and light she lingers
Caught in a trance suspended in time
She awaits the one who knows she is there
Her soundless voice beckons

So many times before
They two have met
To map out the meeting of souls

He must conquer the fear
She must decipher the code
Fate lends to them power beyond any have seen
As this will be the final passage

She hears his steps
He sees her glow
The meeting commences

She holds out her hand and he reaches out to her
They two join in the dance
Beholding what has been, what is and what will be
Putting into plan the reunion

He sees the fear
She knows the rules
They two are ready to engage

He sees the part that she will play
She knows the price that he will pay
He agrees to her plan
She agrees to the final descent

One more time they two will dance
Upon the wings of love
To reach the end of the longest journey

She stands on the edge
He kisses her softly
He vows to be there
When the time has come

She bids him farewell
As he vanishes from her sight
His transition now complete

She will wait for a time
Then she will follow
They will unite once more
For the final engagement

She will look for him
He will know
Just how to find her

They will engage in the dance
He will conquer the fear
She will decipher the code
And they two will ascend for the final time

The meeting of souls is now complete

The Reunion of the Souls

Pieces missing, pieces found
I call out to you
Living, breathing each long day
Knowing there is more to do

I am the voice
That calls out in the night
A rendering of spirit in motion
In search of fulfillment

You are the water that floods
the confines around this sheltered heart
For there is no other to quench it

The need is great and the desire strong
To drown in the greatness of your soul
To live and breathe that essence
For without it, there is no whole

I am the song
that weaves the tale
Of journeying into enlightenment
And finding that which was lost

You are the Rhythm
That gives the song life
The pulse that gently guides
When the way is obscure

I am the arms that surround you
And hold you when you cry
I give you strength to stand and courage to fight
I am what tempts you to fly

You are the muse that shines light
To that which is dark
So that I can see the light within
And feel its warmth

I am the touch that captivates
And binds the fabric together
You are the bond
The holds it throughout the ages

So long I have searched
Longing to know
What we two will accomplish
Yet deep inside the knowing is there
It was there all along

I make my way
Through this crowded life
In search of your familiar soul

You are older now and you know
There is still more to do
Your routine is unsettled
Your mind cannot rest

We venture along
Separated by fate
We can feel the call of life
Prodding us lovingly along

I know you are out there
Yet I cannot see you
I know not your name
Nor if you think of me

Yet you feel me
And your discontentment flares
You know not my plan
But you know, because you feel me

My code to decipher
The most treasured of lessons
This one last time around

A lesson of the heart
The most complex of all the emotions
The lesson of unconditional love

Your fear is your guide
It will lead you right to me
I can see it in your eyes
The windows to your soul

With one message it is done
The words are right there
When you write, "Is it I that you seek?"

Come to me, Love
For I am here waiting
With open arms, I tell you now
I love you

A random encounter
A meeting of chance
A destined reunion
For the final dance


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