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The Kidnapping Of A Green Dwarf: Short Horror Story

Updated on November 11, 2017

In this cold realm of Landia of the old green dwarf, and when Siegfried entire passage for their land, so plan to lure him into a trap, abduct and question and see that profit out of his visit. Siegfried approached the dwarf and can’t hide his fatigue and hunger, for a moment think that providence smiles... the dwarf approaches him with sweet voice invites him you to his house to eat.

- Hey noble knight well come to my home... take this water and bread as a symbol of welcome.

- Thank you little man, you must know that I walk a long time and I think I still have more to go.

- I know where you run because there is only one way here, so I invite you to my humble home to rest and share this time with your server.

- Thanks but I will only be for a while because I have to fulfill a great mission, so let's not waste any more time and I accept your invitation.

Then, the dwarf first leads him through a series of small steps that go up and down, suddenly loses track of the dwarf and get a great blow to his head... wakes up and is in a small corridor where it’s almost immobilized and serious problems. Siegfried captive and the dwarf talks to him following story:

- This great kingdom that you look is further north and a very hostile climate. The cold was natural here, the great kingdom of Landia received a noble princes and gentlemen around the world and the King told them that his beautiful daughter Brünnhilde had been bewitched by the forces of evil and chaos of evils both Nordic and Greeks, Egyptians and Babylonians and it wasn’t known with much certainty about it. The father promised to them that would give the hand of his beautiful daughter at first managed to reverse the spell that weighed on her daughter. The only clue he had was that no matter how but that if they could defeat her in combat this would help break the spell that had become his beautiful daughter in an ice princess in the realm of dreams.

Among this story was like Siegfried listened and without asking the dwarf and also ate some how little the man had left him on a plate. On the next day, Siegfried woke up and noticed he was in a dark room environment; and he wasn’t tied so got up and began to pace the room... discovers that’s in a house that’s about to fall. There is much dust everywhere and some doors can’t be opened and other squeak great noise, the staircase leading to the ground floor is totally destroyed so throws a stone and estimates that there are more than three meters high and completely dark, it makes a first attempt to try to move forward on this ladder and not get more than tear down the few parts of it were, meanwhile the stairs leading to the upper floors are full of large debris and doors he can find and can´t be opened.

After many efforts and using some objects as projectiles manages to break down a big door and in this room there is a hole in the ceiling and with the help of a table he reached the third level. He explores this room and see that all the windows are sealed, but enough to notice that he can also reach the skylight and the roof and through some furniture, he manages to make a ramp and finally he reaches his target.

Suddenly he hears noises and someone seems to come and try to open the door of this room and he thinks that maybe is someone who can rescue him... suddenly he sees with horror that an ax through the door and it's not to help, so, without wasting more time he scales to the skylight before being killed, at the time that manages to reach the top of the roof and he moves some heavy debris to cover the skylight and to prevent his pursuer reach it.

By exploring the place, he realizes now that he is in an abandoned house, and to reach the surface he must jump over ten meters high and there is no any ladder that can make him reach the ground floor and the walls are too brittles; indeed, there is no other person who can hear his cries for help him. After minutes of reflection finally he decided to jump from terrace to terrace and reach the surface of the house.

Through a fragile tube attached to the wall it helps to go down slowly, finally he go down on the second floor terrace and ends with the right leg a little sore. Thanks to a small tree close to two meters he decides to jump to the tree and finally he reaches the ground with many scratches.

Finally he jumps the fence of the house and he starts to search who can helps him... After three hours of walk on the road, a man stops and takes him to the back of his cart and tells him that he goes very close to the place that he is looking for without giving him time to ask more they continue the journey and the dwarf yells many damns.


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