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The King Of Tu'feek Part I

Updated on February 15, 2011

The King Of Tu'feek saga. Part I

Cole was a young man,

Born in the town of Tu’feek.

Every man, woman, and child,

Will soon bow down at his feet.

Some people questioned,

On his ability to lead.

For Cole never won anything,

Nor ever escaped from defeat.

An Old man walked into a town,

Which was named Tu’feek.

His eyes had a blank, cold stare,

And his structure made him look weak.

He laid eyes on a young man,

His name was Cole, he believed

For he was the future leader of these people,

And the man whom he was set to seek.

Cole was outside,

Enjoying the sweet autumn breeze.

When a mysterious old man came to him,

And put his hand on his cheek.

He examined Cole’s body,

From his head to his feet.

Then Cole met the old man eyes

For he look tired, lacked of sleep.

The Old man stopped,

As he looked at Cole,

For he could not believe.

Was this the man that was really chosen to lead?

His skin was soft,

For he must have never bleed.

The old man sighed,

As Cole’s sprit was meek.

A lot of work must be done,

In favor of Cole’s need.

Cole watched the Old man,

As he sat beside him, off of his feet

The Old man put his head down,

As he began to speak.

“You are Cole,

The future king of Tu’feek.

You are the vision in my dreams,

That I was sent to seek.

I will train you,

I will show you everything you need.

In order for you to become,

The great King of Tu’feek.”

Cole was astounded,

Dumbfounded by the Old man’s belief

But Cole thought about it,

For he really did not know how to be king.

“ I will accept your offer,

But you must tell me please.

What is your name?,

For I have never seen you in Tu’feek.

And yet here you are,

Standing right before me.

Who are you old man?

Unveil yourself, at least to me.”

The Old man turned away from Cole,

Then he once again began to speak.

“ Why don’t you show me to a bed,

Where I can lay my weary head to sleep.

Traveling is hard for an old man,

For I have cross many seas

To find you Cole,

To take you under my wing.”

Cole showed the Old man

To his bed so he can sleep.

The Old man told him to prepare,

For tomorrow they will leave.

A new journey for Cole,

Who has no idea where they will flee,

But he was eager to begin training,

For he was going to be King.


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